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Premature elation.

Premature elation.
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2 comments on “Disappointed.

  1. Make no mistake pulling out of TPP was a Huge bad decision. Negotiator my ass. Predictable yes. Negotiator my ass.

    Can we fire our numismaticians in the communications office that have nothing better to do than create a coin for a summit that even Billy O knew was not going to happen, and refrain from pointing out that they are ex military. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for using the scare quotes on the word spies. I’ve been yelling at the damn TV all day. What the fuck is wrong with the MSM? Don’t they understand trump is trying to get them to say the word spies so that his base of brainwashed morons can parrot it, “even CNN says Obama spied on the trump campaign”.

    On a happier note, how much is a coin with 2 clowns on it worth? Thinking of investing.

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