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Steve Bannon Shows Up At Marine Le Pen Shindig, Says He’s ‘Honored’ To Be A Racist

Is that right, Steve?

Were you wondering what Steve Bannon was doing this weekend?

No? Neither was anyone else.

Because Steve Bannon has gone from being “The Great Manipulator” and the de facto President of the United States to a disgruntled nobody in the short span of just 12 months after a stunning fall from grace that will almost assuredly go down as one of the most spectacular strings of failures and miscalculations in the history of politics.

Steve was riding high this time last year after helping Donald Trump sweep into the Oval Office on a wave of nationalist propaganda, but it all started to fall apart when the message he championed ended up getting someone killed in Charlottesville last August.

Following his rather unceremonious ouster from 1600 Penn., Steve returned to Breitbart where he marshaled the journalistic “talents” at his disposal to start what he called a “war” on the GOP establishment. His “struggle” (don’t call it Mein Kampf) was supposed to culminate in a glorious string of victories in the 2018 mid-terms, which Steve imagined would be won by a collection of Bannonites. That effort got off to a promising start when Roy Moore beat the Trump-backed Luther Strange in the GOP primary for Jeff Sessions’ vacated Alabama Senate seat, but quickly went off the rails when the world learned that Moore might have had a penchant for dating underage girls.

Bannon doubled down on Roy and convinced Trump to do the same, only to watch in horror as Moore lost to Doug Jones, in December, a disastrous outcome for the GOP. The next day, Bannon became an outcast as everyone from Mitch McConnell to Matt Drudge piled on.

It didn’t need to get any worse for Bannon, but it sure as hell did when excerpts from Michael Wolff’s Fire And Fury revealed what Steve really thought about Trump Jr.

Bannon was promptly branded a lunatic by the very lunatic he helped get elected – he even got a fun nickname in “Sloppy Steve.” Bannon, Trump declared in an infamous January 5 tweet, was being “dumped like a dog by nearly everyone.”

Four days later, he was forced out of Breitbart.

After that, the alt-Right peanut gallery that had spent the better part of two years parroting Bannon’s message pretty much shut the fuck up about Steve because you know, no one likes a “loser.”

Well Steve may be down and Steve may be out, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to stop being a racist, and he proved how dedicated he truly is to his xenophobia on Saturday when he showed up at the party congress of France’s far-right National Front in the French city of Lille.

Of course he met with Marine Le Pen and ultimately, delivered the following “inspirational” message to her followers:


Got that? Here it is:

Let them call you racist. Let them call you xenophobes. Let them call you nativists. Wear it as a badge of honor. Because every day, we get stronger and they get weaker.

Is that right, Steve? Because here we thought you were the same guy we were talking about above. The same guy who has been summarily stripped of every bit of political influence and power he once yielded. The same guy who got fired from the media outlet he ran.

Dear Marine Le Pen: if you’re at all interested in not getting your ass handed to you in a landslide like you did early last year, you might want to consider looking elsewhere when it comes to strategists.

Because this fucking loser just lost an Alabama Senate seat to a Democrat.



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