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Breitbart Hails The Return Of ‘Populist Hero’ Steve Bannon

Today was Bannon's last day in the Trump administration and on Friday evening we learn that it was also his first day back at the old barnyard. 

It didn’t take Steve Bannon long to get back to business at Breitbart.

In fact, it looks like it only took him a couple of hours.

Today was Bannon’s last day in the Trump administration and on Friday evening we learn that it was also his first day back at the old barnyard. 

Via Breitbart

Former White House Chief Strategist Stephen K. Bannon returned as Executive Chairman of Breitbart News Friday afternoon and chaired the company’s evening editorial meeting.

Ranked the #63 website in America by Amazon-owned, and with the #13 Facebook page in the world, Breitbart News is considered the most influential populist website in the world.

“The populist-nationalist movement got a lot stronger today,” said Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow. “Breitbart gained an executive chairman with his finger on the pulse of the Trump agenda.”

Breitbart News CEO and President Larry Solov agreed.

“Breitbart’s pace of global expansion will only accelerate with Steve back,” said Solov. “The sky’s the limit.”

Bannon joined the Trump campaign on August 17, 2016 — nearly one year ago to the day of his return to Breitbart. He submitted his intention to leave the White House on August 7 of this year.

“White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and Steve Bannon have mutually agreed today would be Steve’s last day,” said White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders Friday afternoon. “We are grateful for his service and wish him the best.”

The Drudge Report hailed Bannon as a “populist hero” who enjoyed an “impressive run” during his tenure as President Trump’s top White House strategist and campaign CEO.

And here is the absolutely ridiculous screengrab:


I don’t think I need to tell you how absurd those excerpts are.

This is a textbook example of the alt-Right’s penchant for denying reality.

Breitbart’s contention is that “the populist-nationalist movement got a lot stronger today.”

Back in the real world, Steve Bannon was fired from his position at the White House – a position that was one of the biggest coups for the nationalist cause since the second World War.

So Breitbart is arguing both sides of the coin.

Either Bannon’s ascension to Chief Advisor to the President was a big win for the cause or his getting fired was a big win, but it can’t possibly be both.

I mean I get that Steve’s on an adrenaline high right now and that’s probably all kinds of contagious at Breitbart, but I’m just not sure how not being in government versus being in government translates to a “win” in an effort to influence that same government.

In any event, Bannon also told Bloomberg in an e-mail that he’s ready to “go to war for Trump” against all enemies foreign and domestic. Here’s the quote:

If there’s any confusion out there, let me clear it up: I’m leaving the White House and going to war for Trump against his opponents — on Capitol Hill, in the media, and in corporate America.

Of course the ironic thing about that is that the real enemies here are Bannon and Trump.



10 comments on “Breitbart Hails The Return Of ‘Populist Hero’ Steve Bannon

  1. Apologize in advance, intuitively this seems appropriate:

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    1. The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

    S’io credesse che mia risposta fosse
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    Questa fiamma staria senza piu scosse.
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    Let us go and make our visit.

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    So how should I presume?

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  2. Anonymous

    It smells more like he stepped away from Breitbart and worked trump for the fool that he is and the game plan was to worm his way into the WH and expected one of two endings and had plans either way. This day took him into plan B, to come out using all the knowledge and information he was able to pack away over the past year to completely undermine and cripple trump and then Pence. Where does that leave the Republican Party? Looks like he has at least 3 years to undermine the United States. I don’t expect he will follow the rules of silence with the top level security clearance he had and all the data he had access to. I hope they have an investigator following every footstep and ready to haul his ugly ass away quickly. Dangerous days ahead. It is also possible he saw the writing on the wall and would lose the position he was in when we kick trump out so he actually instigated the interview that was his ultimate demise so he could still work his plan B. He could have plans on taking trump along with him. I hope I am delusional too!

    – Murphy

  3. The shit is dropping like flies.

  4. It’s ironic (or funny, or maybe sad) that an anti-global nationalist’s return to that muck factory is billed as helping to accelerate their “pace of global expansion.” Good grief!

    • Anonymous

      Hey, It’s Fun Jeff! ok, how about this — first his quote: “If there’s any confusion out there, let me clear it up: I’m leaving the White House and going to war for Trump against his opponents — on Capitol Hill, in the media, and in corporate America.”

      So, we can cure this easily in one move. Remove Trump. Checkmate.

      – Murphy

      • Murph, far too optimistic. He will be reeled in or just quit out of frustration and boredom.

  5. Anonymous

    JBOND – I will happily settle for him to just quit and walk away – same results in that Bannon would have no connection to WH and we are free of both of them! I do kinda think he will quit – I’ve been thinking that for 6 months – ha! – but he will quit and tell us all he has done everything just to help us and now we just won’t help ourselves so he is not gonna waste the rest of his life on this stupid job and good bye and good luck, slam the front door!

    I also read that the man who actually wrote the book Art of the Deal and spent a couple years joined at the hip with him, said he thinks trump will resign and claim success. He also apologized for making trump appear human when in fact he is not even close to normal. HA! He certainly will never be reeled in, never. The only thing he really likes about being President is applause and cheering – and there not much of that these days!

    – Murphy

    • Murph I read the Art of TD some years ago and it sure rubbed me the wrong way. Value-wise and everything-about-him-wise. That said, a change agent in the WH was overdue. Obama showed signs on the the somewhat left side, but could or would not deliver and this disappointed many Dem voters. Trump though I still think was somehow manipulated or paid off to go for it. What a freaking disaster. Possibly eternal damage to the rational conservative movement (whatever remains of it, that is) What it is not is pretty much everything Trump. And yes if he quits it will be some kind of ego-trip thing.

  6. Anonymous

    ALL OF YOU — Watch Rachel Maddow tonight!!! I’m watching it now – Central Time Zone — Holy Shit. Looks like Bannon does have a plan. Very involved and I cannot even begin to explain BUT if you watch Maddow or read it tomorrow at MSNBC site, I have no doubt you will be somewhat concerned! It is on again at 11pm (Central time) and I will be watching it again to better understand what the hell…. !!

    – Murphy

  7. Anonymous

    Does this headline serve as incontrovertible proof that Bannon really can suck his own cock?

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