No, Steve Bannon, Martin Luther King Jr. Would Not Be ‘Proud’ Of Trump. But You Know That, Of Course

“The left, for all our snark and sarcasm, is extremely earnest.”


As China Slashes Car Tariffs, Rumors Fly: Did Trump ‘Cave’ Or Is Good News Just Good News?

“Trump changed the dynamic regarding China but in one weekend Secretary Mnuchin has given it away” — local moron.

Steve Bannon Shows Up At Marine Le Pen Shindig, Says He’s ‘Honored’ To Be A Racist

Is that right, Steve?

Uh-Oh: Mueller Serves Steve Bannon With Grand Jury Subpoena In Russia Probe

Things just got worse for Steve Bannon.

Steve Bannon Steps Down From Breitbart In Final Humiliation

“I’m proud of what the Breitbart team has accomplished in so short a period of time in building out a world-class news platform.”

David Stockman Delivers Epic Send-Off To Steve Bannon But Warns ‘It’s Way Too Late’

“Bannonism just gave a thin veneer of ersatz nationalism to what was otherwise the Donald’s own dogs’ breakfast of protectionism, nativism, xenophobia, jingoism and strong-man bombast.”

Steve Bannon Apologizes For Trump Jr. Comments – So Much For ‘Loving A Gunfight’

Gee Steve, what happened to having your “hands on your guns?” What happened to “loving a good gunfight”? 

‘Don Jr. Is A Great American’: Leaked ‘Sloppy Steve’ Statement Shows Bannon Planned To Defend Trump

So that’s what Trump could have gotten from Bannon. But being the “stable genius” that he is, he decided to rechristen his former friend “Sloppy Steve” because you know, that’s what someone who is “like, very smart” would do. 

A Dumb As Shit, Hopelessly Idiotic, Crazy Moron: What Michael Wolff Says Trump’s Associates Think Of Him

It’s probably safe to say that whatever was left of Donald Trump’s sanity has flown the coop over the past 24 hours.

Trump Rips Steve Bannon: ‘He Lost His Mind’ When I Fired Him

Well damn. Earlier today, The Guardian ran a story containing a preview of what’s being billed as an “explosive new book” about the Trump White House. The book, by Michael Wolff, is described as follows: Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, is reportedly based on more than 200 interviews with the president, his…

Bannon 2020: Is Steve Bannon Going To Run For President?

“If I could ask him one question, it would be, why aren’t you president?'”

House Investigators ‘Invite’ Steve Bannon To Testify About Possible Treason

We fully expect Steve to embrace this opportunity to come clean. Hell, he might even shave for the occasion. 

In Watershed Moment, Democrats Now Have Largest Lead In Voter Preference Since 2008

Well in the latest evidence to suggest that the public is turning against the GOP, a new NBC/WSJ poll shows that…

Wall Street Journal Takes Aim: ‘Steve Bannon Is For Losers’

“Mr. Bannon backed Mr. Moore in the primary, though the judge had been removed twice from the state Supreme Court for refusing to follow a legitimate court order. Mr. Moore was a political self-implosion guaranteed to happen.”

‘Suck It, Steve’: Republicans Lash Out At Bannon After Devastating Alabama Loss

“”Stephen K. Bannon and his alt-right movement have helped accomplish something no one in a quarter-century has been able to do: get a Democrat elected in the state of Alabama.”