‘Brilliant’ Strategist Steve Bannon Says Trump May Need To Fire Rod Rosenstein And Wait … Why Does Anyone Care Again?

Oh, Christ on a bike.

Are we still listening to Steve Bannon?

And if so, why? Why the fuck are we still listening to Steve Bannon? Does anyone (on either side of the aisle) want to explain that?

First of all, Steve is a bigot. We know that because, well, because go back and listen to all the things he’s said. And if you do that and somehow come away doubting that he’s a bigot, well then here, let him clear up any ambiguity for you (from a Marine Le Pen rally he was “honored” to speak at in March):


So there’s that. Steve wears his “racist” label like a “badge of honor” and he encourages other accused racists to do the same thing.

That right there should be enough to make everyone but the Richard Spencer crowd despise Steve Bannon – I mean really, closet racists should be the ones that hate Steve Bannon the most because he’s outing them.

But let’s not forget that Steve Bannon is also a man who refused to distance himself  from accused pedophile Roy Moore, who Steve touted as the first of many batshit candidates he was planning to run in his ill-conceived “war” against the GOP establishment. Thankfully, that “war” was stillborn after voters (narrowly) decided that pedophilia was a bridge too far (even for Alabamians) when it comes to Senate seats. So if you’re a Republican, Steve Bannon is a goddamn cancer. Who loses Alabama to a Democrat?! How is that even possible? I don’t know, ask Steve Bannon, “brilliant” political strategist.

Let me tell you who else should hate Steve Bannon: Donald Trump. And the reason Trump should hate Steve is because Steve called Trump’s son a traitor, a comment that prompted a scathing rejoinder from the President himself last year, just months after that same Trump kicked Steve out of the White House, a White House that Steve basically ran during the first couple of months of this administration. Who gets fired from a White House they’re basically running? How is that even possible? I don’t know, ask Steve Bannon, the “great manipulator“.

Hell, Steve Bannon even got booted from Breitbart. And Steve was Breitbart. He got fired from the online equivalent of a grocery store tabloid that he ran! How the fuck is that even possible? I don’t know, ask Steve Bannon, media “mogul”.

Well somehow, despite being the bane of everyone’s existence including Democrats, Republicans and the President, he’s still finding interview opportunities. Bloomberg felt the need to ask his opinion on China earlier this month and now, CNN is out with an exclusive interview where Bannon suggests that Trump might need to fire Rosenstein. Here, look:

Got that? If not, here it is typed out:

You turn over every document, and if he doesn’t turn it over, you give him 24 hours. If he doesn’t turn it over, I would fire him, and that’s not obstruction of justice. That’s giving a law enforcement officer a direct order to turn over documents to Capitol Hill, and if he doesn’t do it, I would fire him.

Now for one thing, that’s the same Steve Bannon who once called the firing of James Comey “the worst mistake in modern political history” and now he wants Trump to fire Rosenstein, the man who, despite his obvious misgivings about the President, put his actual name on the recommendation to fire Comey because Jeff Sessions was recused.

And Bannon thinks the best thing to do now is to fire (and invariably piss off in the process) the guy who knows where all the bodies are buried?

That is the stupidest thing imaginable, which I guess shouldn’t surprise anyone because after all, look whose mouth it came out of.

But by all means, Mr. President, do take advice from this washed up racist. After all, he’s only screwed you over at every, single turn since Day 1.

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