Roy Moore, Steve Bannon And The Freak Show

Roy Moore, Steve Bannon And The Freak Show

Roy Moore, where to begin. Let's just start with the fact that Moore's "historic" victory over GOP establishment favorite and Trump-backed Sen. Luther Strange in the September Alabama Republican primary was widely seen as a potentially disastrous outcome. The winner of the special election on December 12 (which pits Moore against Democrat Doug Jones) will fill the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions. Moore was removed as state Supreme Court chief justice not once, but twice. The first time (
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3 thoughts on “Roy Moore, Steve Bannon And The Freak Show

  1. Ok. He needs to go. Just like all the others have gone or been removed or replaced. Some have even paid off their accusers all the while claiming they are all lying or it’s Obama/Hillary’s corruption making these outrageous accusations, yada yada yada. So many, so often, suddenly we have the #metoo movement.

    Newsweek, by Nina Burleigh on 11/9/17 at 8:00 AM :

    Meanwhile, still stinking up the Oval Office is the man who denied dozens of allegations against him and has gone as far as demeaning the women in many ways – the most disgusting example was saying she was not pretty enough for him to sexually assault! Many of these women have taken it to lawyer(s) and are seeking legal action while he continues to deny everything. Wait, no he hasn’t, we have all heard the tape recording of him confess with glee how he has sexually assaulted at least one woman and he brags about it, laughs about it, and he calls it locker room talk. There is even an on-again, off-again lawsuit filed and withdrawn a couple of times based on her being only 13 years old when she says she was raped by him, recently withdrawn yet again. How is it possible or how likely is it that all these women are lying? He raged from his podium he was going to sue every one of them — and then did not file even one lawsuit. There are at least 12 to 15 of these women. The link below will tell you of all the cases, with the names of these women who were brave enough to come forward. Keep in mind these are the ones we know about.

    So please tell me where is the outrage against him or the demand for him to step down? All the other men were told to vacate or were fired based on accusations. What makes him different from the others?

  2. Where is the TOTAL outrage from a once proud and honorable Grand Old Party? The crazies are running the asylum and it just keeps getting worse for America. WTF. Bannon will put the final Neo-Nazi dagger in the heart of what is left of the Republican Party. The funny part is they only have themselves to BLAME.

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