Turns Out Roy Moore’s ‘Jew Lawyer’ Voted For Doug Jones

“There could not be a more passionate supporter of Doug than me!”


Wall Street Journal Takes Aim: ‘Steve Bannon Is For Losers’

“Mr. Bannon backed Mr. Moore in the primary, though the judge had been removed twice from the state Supreme Court for refusing to follow a legitimate court order. Mr. Moore was a political self-implosion guaranteed to happen.”

‘Suck It, Steve’: Republicans Lash Out At Bannon After Devastating Alabama Loss

“”Stephen K. Bannon and his alt-right movement have helped accomplish something no one in a quarter-century has been able to do: get a Democrat elected in the state of Alabama.”

Doug Jones Defeats Roy Moore In Alabama After Stunning Last Minute Comeback

This is a truly devastating setback not only for Donald Trump, but for Steve Bannon, who effectively bet the house on Moore. 

Roy Moore: ‘Maybe Putin Is More Akin To Me Than I Know’

“We promote a lot of bad things.” Asked for an example, he replied: “Same-sex marriage.”

Let’s All Talk About Steve Bannon’s Egregious Roy Moore Rally, Ok?

It was karaoke night at a Fairhope, Alabama dive bar on Tuesday, which presumably explains why a bleary-eyed, disheveled homeless man was allowed to get up on stage and ramble about establishment conspiracy theories.

Trump Does The Unthinkable: Openly Backs Roy Moore In Predawn Twitter Post

Again, this man has no place holding public office irrespective of the recent allegations of misconduct with teenagers. 

Trump Doubles Down On Roy Moore, Castigates Ivanka For Supporting Victims

Meanwhile, another deeply disturbing anecdote has emerged from the West Wing.

What’s Wrong With This Picture?


‘I’ll Put Him In A Grave Myself’: Bannon Said To Turn On Roy Moore, Drudge Takes Aim

What Bannon does now may well determine whether he retains his influence going forward.

‘I Believe The Woman’: Mitch McConnell Accidentally Creates A Rallying Cry

Mitch McConnell isn’t exactly Braveheart and he is just about the last person you would hire to lead a pep rally, but deadpan Mitch just accidentally created a trending Twitter phrase.

‘Everyone Thought It Was Weird’: ‘Common Knowledge’ That Roy Moore Dated High Schoolers

“We wondered why someone his age would hang out at high school football games and the mall?”

‘This Is Deeper Than Politics’: Steve Bannon Defends Roy Moore

“I’ve seen this before with Trump. As Hillary Clinton would say, this is nothing less than the politics of personal destruction.”

Roy Moore, Steve Bannon And The Freak Show

Is this the beginning of the end for Steve Bannon’s “revolution”?