Michael Cohen Said Ready To Cooperate With Feds In Egregious Blow To Trump’s ‘Beleaguered’ Legal Team



Village Idiot And One-Third Of Michael Cohen’s Client List, Sean Hannity, Says Maybe It’s Time To Start Destroying Evidence

He’s joking. Unless you want to destroy some evidence. In which case, by all means.

Rudy Giuliani Just Admitted To Public Corruption, And That Wasn’t The Crazy Part!

“Would Rudy like to fuck up US foreign policy even more? Tell us, WSJ!”

Former US Attorney, DOJ Official: Trump Thinks He’s King, He’s Wrong

But he does get two scoops of vanilla.

Rudy Giuliani: Trump Can ‘Probably’ Pardon Himself

Believe it or not, that wasn’t even the punchline – this was…

‘Brilliant’ Strategist Steve Bannon Says Trump May Need To Fire Rod Rosenstein And Wait … Why Does Anyone Care Again?

Oh, Christ on a bike.

Are we still listening to Steve Bannon?

Trump Has Buyer’s Remorse, ‘Wishes’ He Had Never Made Jeff Sessions Attorney General In The First Damn Place

When a “little” treason just isn’t enough to satisfy an overbearing parent.

So Michael Cohen Met With A Russian Oligarch In Trump Tower 11 Days Before The Inauguration And Got A $1 Million Consulting Contract From His Cousin Two Weeks Later. Is That Really All That Suspicious?!

“Pour one out for poor Michael Cohen, who is really, really bad at crime. No matter how much he practices, he always fucks it up. And he practices A LOT.”

Tell Us More Rudy Giuliani. Please, God Tell Us More.

“We are old enough to remember when this guy insisted that the investigation would be over in two weeks, but please, tell us more about the time when Robert Mueller sat down with Rudy Giuliani for a long heart-to-heart about legal strategy!”

Rudy Giuliani Tells NYT Mueller Obstruction Case Should End By September So The GOP Doesn’t Get Screwed Like Hillary Did

WTF, Rudy?

Rudy Giuliani – Who Is NOT Senile, OK?! – Thinks James Comey Set Great Example For Robert Mueller

“When Comey closed [the Hillary Clinton case] in July — although I think it was a complete whitewash — I’d like to have them do that for us.”

Oh, Dear God: Feds ‘Monitored’ Michael Cohen’s Phone, Logged Call With White House

“The wires were tapped!”

Trump Replaces ‘Retiring’ Ty Cobb With Clinton Impeachment Attorney Emmet T. Flood, Because That’s What People Who Aren’t Worried About Impeachment Do

Another day, another shakeup in Trump’s legal nightmare.

Turns Out, Robert Mueller Threatened To Subpoena Trump Last Month And Boy Were Trump’s Lawyers Mad!

‘This isn’t some game.’

Here They Are: These Are The 40+ Questions Robert Mueller Wants To Ask Trump

Try to imagine Trump making it through this interview.