WTF Is Wrong With All Of Trump’s Lawyers?!

“Like we said, it’s fucking dangerous!”


Will FBI Investigation Of Clinton Foundation Force Hillary To Resign The Presidency?

“Next we should expect a Congressional investigation to determine whether Clinton’s health has deteriorated to the point that she must be removed from the presidency.”

New Details Of Trump Obstruction Probe Revealed: Jeff Sessions Was Pressured To Avoid Recusing Himself

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This Is Definitely Robert Mueller’s Favorite Part Of Michael Wolff’s New Book

“Mark Corallo [former spokesman for Trump’s personal legal team] … privately confiding [to Wolff] that he believed the meeting on Air Force One represented a likely obstruction of justice — quit.”

Meltdown: Trump Binge Tweets On Comey, Flynn As Lawyer Takes Fall For Saturday ‘Sloppiness’

Every, single one of these Tweets about Comey is evidence. Literally.