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Mueller ‘Balks’ At Public Testimony, Raising Familiar Questions About Trump’s Straitjacket Strategy

The orange Rubik's Cube.

One of the many miracles of Donald Trump is that it's never entirely clear whether he's the living embodiment of the phrase "crazy like a fox", or whether he's just plain old crazy. Those two things (feigning insanity for strategic purposes and actually being insane) often produce similar results for a simple reason. If other people can't discern whether you're "crazy like a fox" or need to be committed, they'll assume the latter because the consequences of assuming the former and being wrong can be catastrophic. Trump gets away with a lot of things based on that confusion. For instance, it's possible that the president obstructed the Mueller probe in full view of the public because he knew that would muddy the waters. Can it properly be called a "conspiracy" if you do it in front of 50 million Twitter followers? Does firing an FBI director in order to stymie a probe into possible collusion count as obstruction if you tell Lester Holt that's what you did in a prime time, nationally-televised interview? If that was a strategy designed to inoculate himself against obstruction allegations, well then it's still obstruction. But how can you know? It seems at least as likely that Trum
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5 comments on “Mueller ‘Balks’ At Public Testimony, Raising Familiar Questions About Trump’s Straitjacket Strategy

  1. We have been blinded by bullshit, and crazy has been normalized. Something I realized decades ago: Humans can get used to anything (before 2016, I would have said “almost anything”).

  2. Bryanb says:

    He seems to implement the adage: “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS”

  3. Bas says:

    Haha nice article. And who could forget covfefe

  4. Paul says:

    No foxes here
    Maybe some batshit
    But no foxes

  5. this is purely a political fight. always has been. get law enforcement out of it and let it be fought out where it should be, in congress through the political process. if congress thinks this is impeachment worthy, then they should start the proceedings. this is reason mueller and others are not interested in testifying. they know they are only be used by the politicians. nothing but bad things can happen to them if they testify. how many friends and business contacts have they lost because of this circus? Why testify and have your (insert any character trait here) questioned and insulted? Mueller tried to do his duty, but no good deed goes unpunished, especially when politicians are involved

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