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Trump Calls Mueller Report ‘Crazy’, Decries Spreading Of ‘Bullsh*t’


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6 comments on “Trump Calls Mueller Report ‘Crazy’, Decries Spreading Of ‘Bullsh*t’

  1. Trump is delusional — and, yes, it’s symptomatic of a mental disorder. But, then, so his half his base. Mass derangement syndrome.

    • Anonymous

      Yes. Trump’s base is idiotic, obviously. 10s of millions of Americans “deranged.” That’s a far more plausible explanation than “ordinary citizens were fed up with the litany of ‘no choice’ elections. What’s interesting (and is being ignored) is why this very flawed person got elected. What is he a symptom of, do you think?

      On second thought, nevermind. Ignore that tsunami that Trump is a symptom of, and just keep focusing on his many and varied character flaws. That’s much more fun, any idiot can play, and we don’t have to talk about any of the structural issues that brought the human-orangutan to office in the first place.

      • Anon, you are right.
        Now I could get all verbose about “Generational Dynamics”, lack of stigma about debt, climate change, peak oil, bla bla bla… but the answer is:
        R – D – (or my preference) G, it doesn’t matter.
        The largest “party” is The Did Not Vote party.

  2. I counted at least 60 pages of mass redacted material and a significant number more of one or two liners redacted…All this can influence context….

  3. Given all the redactions, even with what’s left you pretty much have to consider this outcome a whitewash, even if some of the dirty spots poke through the thin white color in those spots.

  4. The good news is, all of Bill Jones followers went to Heaven…

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