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Robert Mueller Criticizes Trump’s Love For WikiLeaks, Explains Why The President Wasn’t Subpoenaed

"They're doing it as we sit here".

"They're doing it as we sit here".
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4 comments on “Robert Mueller Criticizes Trump’s Love For WikiLeaks, Explains Why The President Wasn’t Subpoenaed

  1. So depressing. All of it.

    • Dana Newman

      Why are you depressed? It was clear from those hearings if Trump were not president he would be on his way to federal prison. It is also clear that — despite Trump taking the side of Putin over all of our intelligence agencies — Russia interfered in our election and is laying the groundwork to do it in 2020, and Republicans won’t do anything about it. Why would you be depressed, knowing that Trump is not only a pathological liar, a crook, a tax cheat, a sexual assaulter and a rapist —- but he is also a national security risk.

      I have expressed the positives, which should make you feel better.

      Now, would you to tell you something that will make you feel depressed?

      • You’re right, of course. But that doesn’t mitigate the fact that one of our two major political parties is determined to protect Trump, ignore Russian interference in our elections, and denigrate the work of Mueller and the committee; that a major cable network is dedicated to disseminating far-right propaganda and spreading false narratives designed to deflect and distract from the clear and present threat to our democracy that Trump represnts; and that 80 percent of Republican voters do not and will never accept the truth about Trump and his enablers, both in Congress and the Kremlin. That’s depressing.

        • Dana Newman

          To a Friend Whose Work Has Come to Nothing

          Now all the truth is out,
          Be secret and take defeat
          From any brazen throat,
          For how can you compete,
          Being honor bred, with one
          Who were it proved he lies
          Were neither shamed in his own
          Nor in his neighbors’ eyes;
          Bred to a harder thing
          Than Triumph, turn away
          And like a laughing string
          Whereon mad fingers play
          Amid a place of stone,
          Be secret and exult,
          Because of all things known
          That is most difficult.

          MAY 1914

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