Trump Rips Steve Bannon: ‘He Lost His Mind’ When I Fired Him

Trump Rips Steve Bannon: ‘He Lost His Mind’ When I Fired Him

Well damn. Earlier today, The Guardian ran a story containing a preview of what's being billed as an "explosive new book" about the Trump White House. The book, by Michael Wolff, is described as follows: Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, is reportedly based on more than 200 interviews with the president, his inner circle and players in and around the administration, [and] is one of the most eagerly awaited political books of the year. Well in one excerpt seen by The Guardian, Steve
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6 thoughts on “Trump Rips Steve Bannon: ‘He Lost His Mind’ When I Fired Him

  1. The hits just keep on coming: this is funny and sick, we are reaping what we sowed, the worst country $$$$$ can buy, republicans are devoid of brains (they were sucked out by aliens or some sh*t like that).

    We are lost in an historical moment completely out of our control and the black hole we are descending into may be the end of our time and the completion of our planet’s 6th extinction.

    I only hope the next group will just do the world a favor and take out the next DJT before it can get it’s murderous hands around their collective necks.

  2. Reading what Trump now says about Bannon, I was reminded of the image of a victorious Trump, on stage when his electoral victory became clear, grabbing Bannon by both shoulders and looking like they just stole the crown jewels together.

    Oh! And didn’t that “coffee boy” Bannon have a West Wing office of his own??

    So fun watching the breakup turn bitter. I can’t wait until it gets really ugly.

  3. Ya know, all the players are such disgusting corrupt pricks, the best thing would be if all of them ended up in the same cell for 24 hours, on camera. I bet we would learn some bitter truths. That would include the supportive liars such as Sarah Horseface and Kelly The Con!

    These people have wormed their way into America’s White House and disabled so many years of hard work and effective changes in our environment and stalled progress of civility while the majority of the GOP’ers sit on their ass and allow this to happen. Every damned one of them should be hauled out of there!

    None of these scumbags should be allowed to walk away unscathed!

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