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‘Shameful’: Republicans Blast Trump, Fox News Calls Putin Press Conference ‘Disgusting’

"Thank you, Helsinki!"

"Thank you, Helsinki!"
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9 comments on “‘Shameful’: Republicans Blast Trump, Fox News Calls Putin Press Conference ‘Disgusting’

  1. “In short, it’s becoming harder and harder to believe that this isn’t a intentional (and perpetual) effort on the part of a sitting U.S. President to undermine America’s allies.” Well it is time that statement is on the news everyday and it is repeated by us all to everyone we know.

  2. I’m not worried because my S&P 500 is up for the month and my financial adviser assures me that politics doesn’t affect economics, which sounds truthy to me.

  3. Anonymous

    What I found to be outlandish, was that Trump was asked about the Ukraine, and Putin answered for him. Trump had nothing to add.i am strarting to believe that Putin has personaldirt on Trump. No other explanation makes any sense, barring that Trump is mentally incompetent.

    • The less conspiratorial explanation usually is.

    • Lance Manly

      Putin has personaldirt on Trump

      So is a pee-tape personal dirt? For someone like the president yeah, so I would go with that. The thing is if Putin released it that would make the trumpsters love him more.

      • The problem with this thesis is and always has been that just as Trump is too unstable and uninhibited to be fit for office, he is equally unfit to be blackmailed.

        Seems to me that the Russians backed what they hoped would be a grenade in the middle of the Republican primaries, then counted themselves lucky when the blast radius spread to include the general election, and are still pinching themselves at how it’s paying off now.

        No need to blackmail Trump, just remind him at every turn that you are his only true friend in the world.

  4. Error404

    Totally agree with the other comments. How much better it would have been if all those US operatives raping and pillaging their way around a collapsed Russian Federation in the 1990s had been able to keep their man Boris sober and alive for just a little longer. Still, that wasn’t to be and along came Vlad. Not that he was able to save Ukraine from Victoria Nuland, of course, but nonetheless he’s still been quite the nuisance. Now we’ll just have to rely on the tried and trusted fallback of a nice war. Pity that John McCain – sensitive as he is to the plight of suffering people everywhere – won’t be around to help out, but that almost Italian-looking coalition of neocons and Clinton Dems can still be counted on. Patriots all.

  5. Lance Manly

    Hel, maybe this is where the country goes to die https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hel_(being)

    “Hilda Ellis Davidson (1948) states that Hel “as a goddess” in surviving sources seems to belong to a genre of literary personification, that the word hel is generally “used simply to signify death or the grave,” and that the word often appears as the equivalent to the English ‘death,’ which Davidson states “naturally lends itself to personification by poets.”

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