FBI Director Wray Says Mueller Probe Is Not A Witch Hunt, Suggests Trump Shouldn’t Test His Strong ‘Spine’

This week may have marked something of a turning point when it comes to the collective willingness of lawmakers to turn a blind eye or otherwise play down Donald Trump's efforts to undermine the special counsel probe. When Rod Rosenstein indicted a dozen Russian operatives for interfering in the 2016 election last Friday, it seemed as though the timing was deliberate. Not only did the indictments come just three days ahead of Trump's summit in Helsinki with Vladimir Putin, but the Deputy Attorn

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3 thoughts on “FBI Director Wray Says Mueller Probe Is Not A Witch Hunt, Suggests Trump Shouldn’t Test His Strong ‘Spine’

  1. I’m not sure I can agree on the “narrative is unraveling” bit. Those who already have some understanding of political science and consequently did not need this confirmation are probably more depressed than surprised by Helsinki.

    Those in the Trump cult, as can be seen by their occasional representatives here, are too foolish or too complicit to recognize Helsinki for what it was.

    Sure, some of the people on the outer fringe of the cult may gripe on cue when you put a camera in front of them, but once their preachers wave an effigy of Hillary Clinton in front of them instead, they’ll be right back on point.

  2. Since I am not a former Russian spy, I’m not afraid of being poisoned by Putin. Since I am not a former client state of the U.S.S.R., I am not afraid of being invaded by Putin. Since I see the middle east as a giant unfathomable mess, I am not concerned that Russia might become some kind of an influential force there.

    But I loathe Donald Trump’s personality, ethics, and style. So, I do care about the Putin/Trump show, and hope that indeed the Stinkie in Helsinki was trump’s Waterloo. But my “hope” doesn’t meant squat if the majority of this nation also agrees with my view that What Happens In Russia Stays in Russia and it’s contiguous countries.

    Apparently, it will take the presidential election of 2020 for the opportunity of the U.S. to rid itself of the Orange Narcissist.

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