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Today’s Episode Of ‘Our Colluding President’ Is Brought To You By Michael Cohen’s Plea Deal

"Individual 1."

"Individual 1."
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7 comments on “Today’s Episode Of ‘Our Colluding President’ Is Brought To You By Michael Cohen’s Plea Deal

  1. And today Deutsche Bank was raided.

  2. Lance Manly

    All I can picture is Xi, with that sh!t eating grin smelling blood in the water. Anyone who has survived the politburo knows when to take an easy meal.

  3. as of july 2016, no he didnt have investments in russia…talks failed/ended the month before.
    did djt collude about dnc hacking/emails, or Fb bots ? no
    did russia hack dnc server and have bots running amok on FB, yes.
    are most of djt’s associates greedy scumbags? yes

    could djt still get sunk regarding emoluments? yes but the House would need to grow a pair, and then the senate would need to have a few GOP senators give the OK. check back when the sp500 is down 25% and the GOP is still open to new candidates.

  4. I can’t imagine living the life of pres T. Having to lie, always hoping someone wont find out the truth, needing to dodge and weave, being paranoid, building and living an image. There just has to be a better and easier way to live. He should ask Bezos or Bloomberg for advice. I almost feel sorry for him.

  5. monkfelonious

    What amazes me the most is that not long ago we had a Prez who’s only gaff was to wear a tan suit to a news briefing in the WH. No lurid sex detail, no money monkey motion, no extravagance and for all appearances, a loving father and husband. Did I mention that he could ACTUALLY laugh without looking like the Joker? And here we are with over 40% of America approving of this imbecile. We are fucked more than I ever could conceive and the sad part it’s not Turdwattles that makes me feel so.

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