If You Could Just Pull Yourself Up By Your $22 Million Government-Backed Bootstraps, You Too Could Be Sean Hannity!

“The Hannity Hypocrisy Hour has been on teevee for eleventy years, and we’ve all developed antibodies by now.”


Here Are Some Fun Theories About The Question On Everyone’s Mind: ‘WTF Sean Hannity And Michael Cohen?’

“I have found my true soulmate. And even though Esmerelda is a goat, I know we’ll be very happy together.”

It Is Now Extremely Funny To Go Back And Watch Sean Hannity ‘Interview’ Michael Cohen

“Maybe, just maybe”…

Go Long.

And it’s only Monday.

The Deep State Tried To Murder Sean Hannity’s Twitter Account Because Sean Was Getting Too Close To The Truth.

“OOH IT IS A MYSTERY! Did Sean Hannity see Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama making treason in the broom closet?”

Sean Hannity’s Reaction To The NYT Mueller Story Is The Best Thing On The Internet This Week

“Rapidly aging squirrel taint Sean Hannity did not like the scoop Thursday night about President Shithole trying to fire special counsel Robert Mueller in a fit of bloated, know-nothing rage.”

Trump Supporters Stone, Gorka, Hannity Lose Minds As Mueller To Publicly Unveil Indictment Tomorrow

“Nothing to see here.”