Bad Moon Rising.

Bad Moon Rising.

Recent geopolitical developments have led me to raise my probabilities of trade and other types of wars, such as capital wars, cyber wars (and possibly even shooting wars). That's from Ray Dalio's latest missive and I think it's fair to say it's an early candidate for quote of the week. So there are some "principles" for you. Speaking of "principles" and trade wars, we got more Larry Kudlow on Monday and as noted over at Dealbreaker, he is proving to be remarkably adept when it comes to a
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4 thoughts on “Bad Moon Rising.

  1. Close associates suggest Cohen will be cleared of any wrongdoing and Stormy issue will die on the vine. Need new issue soon to once again energize the forces

  2. To Anonymous:
    Thank you for your “That is Stormy wrapped around his waist, covered by the coat.
    ” comment………..I haven’t laughed so hard since …………well since childhood.

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