Trump Threatens ‘Animal Assad’, Russia, Iran After Latest Chemical Attack On Civilians In Syria

Trump Threatens ‘Animal Assad’, Russia, Iran After Latest Chemical Attack On Civilians In Syria

Well here we go. It looks like the Assad regime is gassing folks again, this time in rebel-held Douma (it's in Eastern Ghouta, just outside of Damascus), where 80 or more people were reportedly killed on Saturday. This is apparently the latest escalation in renewed fighting between regime forces and the Army of Islam (think: Zahran Alloush, who was of course killed in 2015). A truce between the government and the group collapsed this week and heavy fighting had already left dozens dead. &nbs
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3 thoughts on “Trump Threatens ‘Animal Assad’, Russia, Iran After Latest Chemical Attack On Civilians In Syria

  1. Did he not announce his strategy to the enemy when claimed we were going to remove U.S. forces from Syria? Did the enemy not take that into account when deciding to use chemical weapons? Why is it so important to Russia and Syria for the the U.S. to remain involved. What purpose does it serve them to get shellacked again? Maybe they are long Raytheon, Lockheed Martin,Northrup Grumman, and General Dynamics etal. Win win for Trump and the U.S. defense sector crooks.

  2. Trump has been accused of playing checkers while his adveraries play three dimensional chess. In the Middle East, a more appropriate way of putting it is that Trump plays bottle caps while other players play the game board, Go. The opening move in Go allows for 361 possible moves. Self discipline is a major factor in the success of Go. We thereby witness Trump’s great disadvantage.

    So once the headline of the chemical attack was known to Trump – via Fox news – he readied his entire strategic response in the toilet, and within 6 minutes opened his tweeter-mouth. Of course, America’s adversaries have been planning their chemical attack for weeks or months, to include anticipating Trump’s rapid-response-tweets. And who knows, perhaps the chemcial attack was accelerated as a result of Trump’s talk of withdrawal.

    One thing is certain: The Middle East is one more venue where the poorly educated and inept should be forbidden from exercising military and political command.

  3. Bully loudmouths like trump always beat down other people to build themselves up and try to make it appear that they are so much smarter or stronger than the other guy was. Obama not only did not have the % support of the overall opinion of Americans, he also did not have support from Congress. He did what he decided America wanted to do. trump has to twist a truth to benefit himself. The last chemical/gas attack and he sent in missiles was a reaction to what Princess Ivanka said about how much it hurt her to see “those babies” so trump adopted her comments as his own, again to make himself appear sorrowful and greatly moved by such a tragedy hoping to have a bit more Americans rethink their negative opinion of him. trump does absolutely nothing without considering what’s in it for him. A narcissistic bully.

    Another solid point is that he heavily criticized prior true leaders for openly discussing their next moves or plans in such a manner that the opposition also received the info and could make plans around it — trump pointed out how dumb that was and that he would never do such a thing, He has repeated that a few times this past year when he refuses to explain to the ever present media what he will do next. Then a couple days ago he announces in his funeral voice that it is time to get out of there, too many soldier’s lives have been lost, etc. So perhaps that had some influence on the opposition’s timing; it did make him look as stupid as he is.

    And speaking of his retaliation last time these poor people were gassed — remember that little section of airplane landing strip he blew up? OMG I guess that really showed them, huh?

    And now he mentions Putin’s name in one short sentence in his ignorant tweeting and we are aghast that he has now turned on Putin. Oh, Pleeezzee.

    And I will end this diatribe (that’s for Anonymous) with two more words: Ditto Marty.

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