Hold My Beer While I Poke This Hornet’s Nest.

Well, he did it.


What Is The Probability Of ‘Something Bad’ Happening? Of Geopolitics And Policy Gamblers

Fault lines, 90th percentile risks and the probability of stepping on a land mine.

Around The World In 1,200 Words: Full Week Ahead Preview

As usual, lots on the docket.

Pick A Fire, Any Fire!

“Annette, Annette”…

For Markets, Geopolitics Grabs Center Stage – Who’s Excited?!

After all, the market’s muted response to geopolitical turmoil in 2016 and 2017 was in large part down to the central bank put, which is now in question. And it goes without saying that the low vol. regime seems to have come to an end over the past couple of months. 

‘Had He Acted Like Trump Markets Would Have Been Upset’: Xi Tries To Put Out Trump’s Dumpster Fire

“It’s a good thing Xi is bringing this tone to it because markets would be very upset if he played it like Trump.”

Bad Moon Rising.

Can you feel the tension?

War And (No) Peace: Full Week Ahead Preview

Say your prayers.

Of Rocket Men, Chinese Hegemony, And Populism Run Amok: 3 Visual Guides

You wouldn’t know it from looking at any market-based measures of volatility, but 2017 was a hugely consequential year. I assume that goes without saying. 

Risky Business.

But the survey wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine.

What Can Stop This Party?

Obviously, nothing could go wrong here.

Watch The Throne.

What happens over the weekend no longer remains confined to the weekend.

Can You Feel The Tension?

Nobody strike a match.

Geopolitics & Wild Cards: Full Week Ahead Preview

Geopolitics is back in the spotlight to start the week.

These Are The ‘Critical Geopolitical Threats To The Equity Bull Market’

Yes, “a central feature” of the prevailing order (or maybe “disorder” is better) is chaotic uncertainty – and a “central feature” of markets is suppressed vol.