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Please Mr. Postman.

Tuesday was another day that had a distinctly circus-like character to it...

Tuesday was another day that had a distinctly circus-like character to it...
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4 comments on “Please Mr. Postman.

  1. …speaking of stupid people … perhaps this guy does not understand that amazon ships my package via fed ex and it is delivered to the post office about 6 blocks from my home and the post office then brings it to my home and throws it on my front porch, no knocking on door – about 6 ft from door, tosses pkg onto porch. I see him do that from the window in the room I use as an office, immediately right of the front door. I have also complained twice to amazon and they are “checking into my complaints” and “will resolve to my satisfaction soon”. If amazon is paying USPS $1.47 to deliver that pkg, as trump said today, well, that’s too much.

    My theory is amazon should discontinue use of USPS; no service, no payment. All problems solved.

    • Tom Swift

      Murphy, did you ever think to ask the delivery person not to do that egregious act? My FexEx guy used to do that and I asked him not to since I could see him. The word got out and now no delivery person from FedEx does that anymore.
      Didn’t have to ask the USPS carrier because she’s a distant neighbor and likes the free bread my wife makes.
      We’re all in this adventure together.

      • Tom, Oh how I would love to have a conversation with the USPS guy! Both times I was on the phone and could not rush out to speak with him — then he was on vacation for a week and I did tell the temp lady that I was hoping to speak with him as she arrived when I was outside filling the birdbath with fresh water – nice lady too — and now he is back but the opportunity has not been presented. I would relish speaking with him. I did call the post office station and complain and frankly their attitude was horrible and clearly were not interested! All the neighborhood complains about the attitude in this post office. Standing in line to buy postage is a true experience just watching how they serve the public. Not even a smile.

        … and here you are bragging about paying off a postal worker for special favors with that free homemade fresh bread that I can almost smell and taste right now! hahaha!

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