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Trump Hits Amazon Again, Says Clueless Post Office Has No Idea Bezos Owes Them ‘Many Billions’

Tweet risk. Again. And again.

Tweet risk. Again. And again.
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1 comment on “Trump Hits Amazon Again, Says Clueless Post Office Has No Idea Bezos Owes Them ‘Many Billions’

  1. Sorry, but the one who has no idea is Drumpf. Don’t you wonder where he gets his information that he is constantly repeating in his tweets? I know that I pay sales tax on products I purchase from Amazon; I am a Prime Member which I buy each year and that entitles me to free shipping on all orders (and other great benefits) which does not mean that Amazon does not pay for shipping to me! I suggest he thinks they don’t pay the post office since someone told him “shipping is free” … that’s how this moron’s brain works.

    I also believe he is extremely jealous of Bezos and only wishes his failing trump company could do even half as well! We know Amazon is big, right? So, how big?

    Corporate offices are in 14 buildings in Seattle, Washington. There is no personal income tax in that state (and 8 other states also). Their sales tax is higher than states that do have a personal income tax. The sales tax in Washington state is 8.87% (6.5% state tax + 2.37% local tax). FYI, Texas is 8.25%, also has no personal income tax.

    Then I went to Wiki to find out about their warehouse location(s). Amazon has warehouses in 29 U.S. states, in 92 cities and each warehouse employs hundreds of employees. Note that U.S. employees are granted shares of stock. They also have locations in 16 countries. They also own 3 other companies, Woot, Zappos, Clearly thousands of full time and part time employees depend on Amazon for income.

    They are currently building 3 new towers in Seattle and the plans are named ‘Rufus 2.0’ — after a dog they had in the early days! Anyone who remembers that dog now and names the building plans after him cannot be bad! 🙂

    Here ya go, read about Amazon!

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