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Family Time.

Lots and lots of "winning."

Lots and lots of "winning."
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2 comments on “Family Time.

  1. With the invading M-13 led immigrant army laying havoc to our country we again are in search of a solution to a problem created by our own hubris and insecurity. We are wimps afraid of our own shadows, while letting our government lie, cheat, steal and continue to turn our country into a police state controlled by fascist-like republican bully boys.

  2. Any sane human who cannot see and speak with a mother and her children versus a tatted gang member, both illegally crossing our southern border, and not be able to instantly determine which one is more dangerous should be removed IMMEDIATELY from the job protecting our border. I have no doubt that the people who are arresting and separating these families are WELL AWARE it is ridiculous.

    There is absolutely no excuse for this to have happened and allowed to continue. What this asshole and ignorant and evil president has done is a crime. He should be in jail for kidnapping and blackmail – both are serious crimes and if the president is NOT ABOVE THE LAW then I demand to know why he is not arrested right now!

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