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Strategist Trump Nails ‘Buy The Dip’ Call As Stocks Explode Higher After President Trump Leaves Country

"Nailed it."

Noted cross-asset strategist Donald Trump has made a lot of market calls in 2018. He told you to buy in January, for instance. That worked out great for about three weeks before it crashed and burned in early February in part due to concerns that his Presidential alter ego's pursuit of debt-funded, late-cycle stimulus would lead to an inflation overshoot, but mostly due to the realization of the rebalance risk embedded in inverse and levered VIX ETPs. Starting in April, he suggested crude should be lower, a call that was again foiled by his alter ego, who decided to reimpose sanctions on Iran, stoking fears of a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. After a couple of strategy sessions, Trump the cross-asset strategist and Trump the President crafted a "stable genius" strategy to manipulate the oil market, which culminated in an outright price collapse last month, vindicating the original short crude call. As stocks hit new record highs in September, both Trumps took a break from obstructing justice and rigging oil prices to congratulate themselves on new record highs for equities. Recall this implicit "buy" call delivered on September 20:
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7 comments on “Strategist Trump Nails ‘Buy The Dip’ Call As Stocks Explode Higher After President Trump Leaves Country

  1. Franceska says:

    US is a real democracy. When the President leaves the country the stock market rallies. In Africa they make a coup d’etat.

  2. brian oshea says:

    It was a great call!

  3. Anton Sommer says:

    We know Trumpt called to bottom. Maybe without him we would have seen 7% gain. No joke; It really bothers me, that one guy calls the direction of the market. Should we opt, in the interest of satisfying our own greed, for a destruction of democracy, only for the benefit this one guy hands you a profit ? I would a l w a y s opt for democracy. No matter how happy that -one guy- may intend to make me. The price to loose freedom for serving my greedyness no one shld be able to pay.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If Tesla ever needs a new CEO, I think Trump would be perfect. Shorts beware!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Mnuchin Trump Manipulation$

  6. Anonymous says:

    This just emboldens the guy and now we will get more of this (more cowbell). It is going to get obnoxious and messy. Of course if they didn’t rally he would have fired Powell, Mnuchin, the person that brings him his KFC and knocked over the Christmas trees. I would love to know the trades his family and his late night phone pals make. Knowing you can rile him up (if you are short) and get him to talk about the Fed etc knowing it will tank the market…………… But he and his family and “pals” would never do that.

  7. Lance Manly says:

    Undoubtedly the Iraq campaign rally was hastily arranged after the Syria debacle, probably without consent of the Iraqis. Now they will probably kick us out and giving Qasem Soleimani a free hand. Nice move Mango Man.

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