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On Christmas Day, A Desperate Trump Begs America To Buy The Dip In Stocks

"Make BTFD great again".

"Make BTFD great again".
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4 comments on “On Christmas Day, A Desperate Trump Begs America To Buy The Dip In Stocks

  1. Next up, Trump will take to Twitter he’s going to outlaw selling.

  2. monkfelonious

    This is the saddest of times, at Christmas no less. The cacophony is nearly unbearable. Every single waking day we must endure that which can’t be endured. What saves me is family and friends without which I might turn sour. I worry too much about that ‘football’ always within the presidents vicinity. This blubbering boy-man is is incapable of leading others other than the mollusks who open their valves to hoover his swill with cheerful willingness.

  3. Harvey Darrow Cotton

    If there was a deflationary asset class that you fully expected to rise in value in the long term, wouldn’t it make sense to hoard it now? Don’t make me agree with the orangutan, but ‘buy the dip’ is as dead as “buy the thing that is now on sale.” If you are not planning to sell, if you are not a trader, then near-term price does not matter. Share count matters. Accruing shares in dividend paying or profitable, cash-positive growth companies always seems like a good play to this amateur retail investor.

  4. A total crisis of confidence. People see Trump for what he is. They fear Mnuchin has no clue (spoiler alert he does’t). Market multiple are confidence gauges, they have contracted precipitously this year. Some may be due to recession risk, slowdown etc but most is due to concern that those in charge have no clue. “Necessary trade war”, Treasury PR, “tariff man”. And on and on. If Trump implodes 2020 goes socialist (there go profits). But did the market really trust Jack Lew (who????) and Obama? But they did trust the spigot of the Fed so they were never really tested. Now amateur hour is in full display. My relatives this Christmas have now soured on Trump (finally since for nearly 4 years I have told them he is an insecure lying loser). Now they see the insanity, each one felt exhausted, pessimistic. Questioned whether stocks will ever go up again. They said they could not vote for him again. Whether he realizes he is in trouble and corrects it or stays in denial (with the help of talk radio and some of Fox now and some of congress still to many) will determine multiples. He is moving down on the wall numbers and China is looking into forced tech transfers so a deal could happen and he could be getting something positive but will it help stop the childish behavior? As he would say “we’ll see”.

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