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The Benign, The Bad And The ‘Severely’ Ugly: Your Complete Guide To The Burgeoning Global Trade War

On the off chance everyone decides to "punch back"...

On the off chance everyone decides to "punch back"...
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12 comments on “The Benign, The Bad And The ‘Severely’ Ugly: Your Complete Guide To The Burgeoning Global Trade War

  1. There’s a reason a named the psychopath Mr. Destrcuto. It’s because any casual observer of his history and the road he’s left behind will quickly observe that he destroys everything he puts his mind to. I’m not saying that he while on the road he cannot be successful in winning certain things for himself. As a conman, thief, cheat, huckster, salesman, liar, etc., he has successfully gotten over countless people in his life. We witnessed him just do that in 2016 and continues to do till this day. In doing so, in the short, mid or long term, he destroys or devalues or degrades everything or everyone he touches or impacts.

    On the road to enrich himself and his family, it’s a fact that he doesn’t give a crap about a single American not in his family.

    He spends every waking hour of his life seeking to enrich himself and his family. I gaurantee you that his intention with this so-called trade war is to personally profit. It may not be readily apparent to us. It may be as cynical as his sons shoritng the market with every announcement of a new tarrif. And if you doubt that he and his family are that corrupt and slovenly, then I invite you to read this unbelievable “verified petiiton,” filed on June 14, 2018, against Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, Eric F. Trump and the Donald J. Trump Foundation, by the Attorney General of the State of New York:

  2. Oh Boy! Hi Marty!
    I’ll read yours if you read this one:

    You may have read it right after it was published but now there are 24 comments added. I’m hoping you have one to add to it too!

    I already noticed the one you offered on his income tax was published the same year he had the affair that he still denies (LOL) with Stormy but the photo on that story was of Melania before they married. I bet she wishes she had her life back now!

  3. David J Warren

    Can you imagine the brain power being accessed right now by the Chinese with the intent of totally fucking up DJT? Lets just hope that they only go for him and not the rest of us.

  4. This web site sounds like a Chinese propaganda machine. The trade deficit problem has to be fixed, or the US will be be nothing more than a subsidiary of China Communist Inc. in 20 years. Trump is the only person in Washington seemingly not owned by an international lobbyist group. He is taking a lot of verbal heat from arm chair slanderers like yourself who have very little understanding of the financial situation. You claim that the stock market is just being propped up by stock buy-backs in one article, and then when it goes down, you claim it is being caused by the growing likelihood of a trade war. My view is you are just fishing for a reason to say the market is going up or down – whatever fits your political narrative.

    Most investors know this market is overvalued because of the past 8 years of Fed, BOJ, ECB and PBoC insane monetary policies. The slow reversal of the tide is just beginning to hurt those exposed to over valued assets, and the pain is just beginning (thnk you Obama and Clinton). And it will get worse before it gets better. Therein lies the real investment threat currently. Your view of the trade situation is that it will cause the market to fall, but in reality, it has only a negligibly correlation to the traded value of stocks and bonds – unless you believe that the Chinese central bank (and Japan and the ECB) are going to drastically change their monetary policies for the sole purpose of crashing the stock markets just to get their way. And, logically, if this is what can happen, then it is the so called “free trade” international market (which is a joke) that actually has created this possible predicament.

    If you are a cheerleader for this outcome, and your continuous diatribes show this to be the case, then I propose you actually go and live in a country like China and opening attack Xi through your website; and let me know just how long such a stream of hate narratives launched against Xi will leave you among the living. You have more freedom in American than anywhere else in the world; don’t piss it away by succumbing to the idea being proposed by the “free trade political elitist” that China Inc is the wave of the future, and the US has no choice but to continue down a path to a lower and lower standard of living and piling up more and more debt to buy goods produced in China that could easily be produce in the US instead, such as almost every electronic good available on the planet, the biggest part of the US trade deficit with China. Can you say Apple I-Phone? .

    • Spunky McGregor

      “You have more freedom in American than anywhere else in the world;…”

      This is the dumbest fucking thing I have read in a long, looooong time. Good on you, mate.


    • Kitsunegari

      Well Daniel, let’s get a dose of reality shall we. In Africa (especially the french speaking bits) they call all chinese products “shintoc’, meaning: piece of crap products that we need to buy because everything else is too expensive. Well, my non-friend, pretty soon your best mate Trump’s urge to start a trade war will cause the Chinese to start selling their US treasuries. And the rest of the world will come to see those as shintoc as well.

      What I’m trying to say here is that basically you have been a part of China Inc. since the time the Chinese started buying up all your lovely bonds and notes.

      And as to why the Chinese bought so many shiny US trinkets, well, you need to just look at your overpriced house, and your overpriced car with which you go and buy overpriced food and overpriced medications etc… for which you needed to borrow more and more and more ….

      And the reason for those high prices are to be found with your billionaire overlord friends who only care for the money in their pockets.

      So yeah, go lick ballz Moore.

  5. Error404

    What the comment from Mr. Moore below rather ignores is that trade deficits are not only beneficial to the US, they help underpin its imperial hegemony. Think about it: the US prints digital crap called the dollar, then exchanges it for real stuff produced by other countries. There’s so much of that digital crap out in the wild that, with the help of close to a dozen carrier battle groups to protect the country’s commodity-producing mates, the dollar is the world’s reserve currency. Lose that my friends, and you will have to pay for your own entitlements and weapons with the fruits of your own labour.

    As an aside, the comment from Mr. Moore also highlights an interesting conundrum. Apparently, to criticise Trump is to be a Xi propagandist. By the same token, to support him is presumably to be a ‘useful idiot’ acting for the Russian deep state. Not very edifying.

    • […] an interesting conundrum. OK, let’s just get rid of him now (prison?) and let the dust settle on Pence for a short period of time — less likely he can destroy our Democracy with so little time left in office. And then we can have a “do over” by some new competent respectful human.

  6. I re-read H’s post. Not a word in support of China. Lots of words in support of the proposition that Trump has no earthly idea what he’s doing, is a danger to himself and the world around him.

    Supporters of Trump habitually place a “name,” and give “proper form,” to the actions and things Trump does and says in effort to begin the process of making what is otherwise totally unacceptable “appear” to be most acceptable or the only thing that can be done to solve a given intractable problem.

    So, by way of example only, we have Mr. Moore sharing his view:

    “Trump is the only person in Washington seemingly not owned by an international lobbyist group.”

    Of course, this is supposed to make Trump considerably appear duly equipped to get us involved in far out trade wars. That and I suppose his experience with casinos and his international clientele.

    So, let’s look at this slice of Trump:

    “As a businessman, Mr. Trump made money by licensing the use of his name on an array of products around the world.

    “He now has at least 123 registered and provisionally approved trademarks in China. Of those, four are registered under DTTM Operations — a holding company — while the rest are registered under his name, according to Chinese data. The Trump Organization, the family company now run by Mr. Trump’s two adult sons, said the trademarks registered under his name had been transferred to DTTM.”

    Or, this footnote, for his little baby daughter:

    Quite interesting, ey. I wonder whether Trump and Ivanka use international law firms and lobbying firms in various countries to insure their marks are placed on an array of products around the world and especially in China.

    Or, how about this? As I wrote above, is Donald his own lobbying firm, using his trade war as leverage to make the deals he wants in China?

    Trump’s trade wars are all about Trump’s personal treasury wars. It’s about self-enrichement. Nothing else.

  7. Oh Daniel, we can make any damn thing we want but at what wage or at what cost to consumers. This predicament falls at the feet of American business and its enablers, “free market” republicans (everyone of them) and corporate democrats. Didn’t you hear? We’ve moved from a manufacturing to a financial based economy a long time ago. What could possibly go wrong?

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