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A Trade War With China Will Plunge The World Into Recession – But This Idiot Doesn’t Care

Last Wednesday, Donald Trump decided that China critic Peter Navarro should oversee American trade and industrial policy. The Harvard-trained Navarro is the director of "Death by China," a documentary you can now suffer through watch for free on YouTube if you're too cheap to pay for Netflix. I've embedded it below for posterity's sake. Navarro isn't what you might call a universally respected academic. He's had a rather peculiar career that's seen him try everything from running for elected office to penning books on how to get rich with macro analysis to tilting at Chinese windmills. He seems to have found his niche with the latter thanks in no small part to Donald Trump, who apparently believes he has found a kindred spirit in the University of California, Irvine professor. Whether or not Navarro knows what he's talking about is debatable (see here for instance). As The New Yorker's Adam Davidson wrote back in October, "Navarro’s views on trade and China are so radical that, even with his assistance, I was unable to find another economist who fully agrees with them." Similarly, Davidson says "Navarro is the only Ph.D. economist I was able to find who enthusiastically
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6 comments on “A Trade War With China Will Plunge The World Into Recession – But This Idiot Doesn’t Care

  1. J. Bell says:

    Someone should tell Trump that one of the consequences of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930 was that Smoot, Hawley, and President Herbert Hoover, who signed the Act into law, were all bounced out of office by the electorate in 1932.

  2. danfrostwrites says:

    Nobody ever won a war.

  3. larrysites says:

    Thank you so much for your link to Navarro’s book. I watched the entire thing with my Chinese significant other last night. I sure hope this is not president-elect Trump’s only source of information on China. It’s filled with alarmist and outdated information such as product quality, environmental disregard, and human rights abuses such as organ harvesting. I would not recommend anyone view it unless you know someone Chinese or have another way of fact checking for current information. I see why she says that the Chinese all hate Navarro so much.

  4. James Shelhorse says:

    it looks pretty real to me

  5. James Shelhorse says:

    very real, very dumb of you to remind us of the details!

    are you drunk?

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