‘Unglued’ Trump Was ‘Looking For A Fight’, Was Goaded Into Tariff Decision By Ross, Navarro: NBC

‘Unglued’ Trump Was ‘Looking For A Fight’, Was Goaded Into Tariff Decision By Ross, Navarro: NBC

Well it turns out that no one knew what Trump was going to do on Thursday when he rattled global markets and infuriated America's trade partners by announcing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. Of course all you really needed to do to understand that this was yet another example of Trump flying off the handle was look at the sequence of headlines. Recall how this played out yesterday: 8:53: TRUMP IS SAID TO ANNOUNCE TARIFFS AT MORNING MEETING: CNBC 10:42: CNBC: TRUMP EVENT AT 11AM WILL
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23 thoughts on “‘Unglued’ Trump Was ‘Looking For A Fight’, Was Goaded Into Tariff Decision By Ross, Navarro: NBC

  1. So this is how The Donald rolls when his shorts are in a twist.

    It reminds me a bit of Slick Willie about 20 years ago (when his were around his ankles). He needed a convenient bad guy to use as a distraction. The next thing you know, we’re at war with an obscure despot named Slobodan Milosevic because of some Balkan hellhole no one had ever heard of.

    And we proceeded to make an ugly mess…

  2. Heisenberg, you’re analysis is good.. except for when your politics creeps into it. Avoid polluting your otherwise decent info and pointing out you’re whiny like all the other “writers” and “journalists”. You’re on the wrong side pal.

    1. It must take an impressive amount of cognitive dissonance to choose to read someone’s personal blog, complain about the content because it offends your delicate sensibilities by espousing a different political point of view, and then accuse THEM of being whiny.

      Why don’t you kindly head back to your preferred conservative confirmation bias hugbox where you don’t have to worry about being exposed to alternate viewpoints? I heard that Hillary Clinton and Ben Ghazi are personally designing a line of “happy holidays” Starbucks cups for Easter!

      1. Hey Milt, what’s the matter? Have no way of contradicting what Mr.H reports about the orange demented clown that you voted in to MAGA? Contradict his reporting/analysis (which you cannot), otherwise, shut-up trying to tell H what he can’t write about.

        1. Question: How can one contradict a report from two anonymous, unnamed sources? I suppose if the burden of proof you’re willing to rely upon is that low, I put forth the following: I hereby contradict the report because I have 3 unnamed, anonymous sources, with connections to the A White House, that say Trump enacted the tariffs because Obama secretly paid him $100m and Condoleeza Rice was the courier for this transaction.

          Did I do that right, can we publish that on NBC now?

          1. Journeyman,

            Since NBC, like any legitimate news organization, relies on its reputation for its very existence, the fact that NBC reported it tells you the only reason they make it anonymous is protect their sources. Contrast that with the BS you wrote.

          2. So you’re stating that because NBC has built a reputation, better read: Brand, you respect you are willing to accept the information they report at face value even if the sources aren’t made public and are inaccessible?

            Again, you’re stating that the news team that brought you Brian Williams, a man who lied about being fired upon by and RPG (and subsequently admitted his bold lie) and never fact checked his HARROWING story that he told (and fabricated) for years is beyond reproach? These are the guys/gals in which you put your blind faith?

            I would rather be skeptical of anonymous sources when it comes to important data/news/alleged conversations. Perhaps you should understand better what it means to develop a discerning eye when it comes to the difference between facts, opinions and conjecture.

    2. hey Milt, guess what? this site is about politics and finance. if, for whatever reason, I want it to be all politics, all day, then that’s what it will be. you don’t make editorial decisions here. and if you keep trying, you won’t be reading anything here either.

  3. The incipient Trade War is all about diverting attention from POTUS’s troubles with the Russian investigation. It confirms his Cabinet Secretaries’ calling Trump “an Idiot” and a “F@#$%@#! Moron.” To add insult to injury, Trump’s BFF Putin announced yesterday a new super ICBM Cruise Missile aimed at the U.S.

    1. I watched the smarter talking heads discuss that today — seems those ICBM’s are nothing new and his tough guy talk was really aimed at reinforcing his standing in Russia – an election year for him. The “aimed at Florida” comment is because they all hate trump there too. His Russian buddies really loved that!

      The telling part of that story is that OUR lying leader completely ignored it, no comment. Looks like he and Putin have the same Play Book. BullShit their way to keep control. And Putin has something really good on trump — can’t wait to find out what it is!

  4. How about child sex rings in a pizza shop’s basement? Sandy Hook and San Bernardino were a government hoax and staged? QAnon (interestingly written about by Jeff Greenblatt in Futures magazine – I now know where he stands.)? Look them up. And on and on and all bullshit, brought to you by “alternate” news. You won’t find NBC’s name attached to such crap.

      1. Let’s face it: Trump went from porn stars and Playboy bunnies to Kellyanne Conway and Sarah H. Sanders. Of course he’s pissed.

  5. I’ve said this before, this administration is an absolute shit-show. You’ve got the idiot-in-charge conducting policy on a whim, on personal vendettas and on what the morons on Fox & Friends say. He’s tanking the stock market, reducing the value of your pension in an effort to save a few steel jobs. Genius.

  6. The very idea that Trump, Ross, Navarro and an unknown number of steel and aluminum executives sat around the Oval Office, banged desks and got each other (primarily Trump) worked up and frothy, and then the sitting President of the US announced a major initiative WITHOUT any ANY!! counsel, oversight, advice or insight from anyone else??! That is the most frightening thing I’ve heard from this administration yet. It’s so scary of a proposition it almost seems treasonous, in a pathetically ignorant manner.

    And can you add some kind of “like” button? That joke above from Fritz was perfection.

  7. Now that Hope has testified to Congress wrt Trump’s collusion with the Russians, his impeachment is likely this year!

  8. I think the time is ripe for a 2018 remake of “Sunset Boulevard”.

    Gloria Swanson – Donald Trump
    Erich von Stroheim – John Kelly
    William Holden – Hope Hicks

    “There’s nothing else. Just us, and the cameras, and those wonderful people out there in the dark. All right, Mr. De Mille, I’m ready for my closeup.”

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