The Moon Shot.

The Moon Shot.

Well, it's time for another clip from Semi-Pro. If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor, because despite being overtly cheesy, the R-rating and accompanying profanity make it one of the most underrated Will Ferrell movies in history. Will's character (Jackie Moon), is the owner of a failing ABA team and at one point, as part of the halftime entertainment for the handful of fans in attendance, he offers to pay $10,000 to anyone who can hit a shot from the other side of the court. He claims
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4 thoughts on “The Moon Shot.

  1. You’vs been writing about it for months and so many people dismissed everything you had to say about the short vol bubble. As a retail investor I’ll never know as much as many professionals but from reading your website I was able to not only dodge the short-vol bullet, but also to profit on the subsequent panic as the shock rolled through markets.

    Thank you for all that you do.

    1. I mean the thing I think it’s important for people to understand is that while i’m sarcastic and hyperbolic at times, i don’t just say shit to say it or for clicks like some of the other doom-and-gloom websites.

      I mean sure, I might write a post or two on something far-fetched, but I’m not just going to keep saying something over and over again (like I did with the VIX ETPs) unless I think there’s actually a chance it could happen.

      that said, I really wish this hadn’t happened to people, because obviously, it’s never great when people get wiped out even though the Target manager thing is going to be funny forever.

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