Monday was predictable.


Word Is Bond.

Dat’s yo’ word, son?

One Trader Ponders The Outlook For Gold

“…what is driving gold more at this point of the cycle? Is it the US dollar, or real yields? Has gold disappointedly not risen as high as the bulls would like given the US dollar weakness? Or has gold not declined nearly as much as the bears would have expected given the run-up in real yields?”

‘Encouraging Things’.

Things no one knows about.

Spaced Out.

Phone home.

Terrible Tuesday.

That didn’t go so well.

A Unified Theory Of Everything: From The Fed, To Volatility, To LIBOR To BTFD

Got all of that? 

‘It’s Insanity’

“I don’t… nobody knows what’s going on.”

Never A Dull Moment.

If this were a reality TV show, the ratings would indeed be “tremendous”.

Document Study.

Stellar day!

Quarter Back.

It was only fitting that the quarter should close in dramatic fashion for U.S. equities.

Low Tech.

It should be fine. Really.

The Day The Robots Died.



…so buy that dip!

Buying Gold Wouldn’t Be The Worst Idea Right Now, Goldman Reckons

And look, if all of that isn’t enough to give you some confirmation bias when it comes to your propensity to be enamored with yellow rocks, then just ask the guy in the picture.