There’s A Risk-Off Trade Afoot, You Just Didn’t Notice…

You wouldn't know it to scan the headlines (or the tweets), but investors and traders are exercising a bit of caution as surging virus cases in the US threaten to force state and local officials to re-close businesses and reinstate mobility restrictions. A fews days back, in "To Hell And Back Again (What The Flows Are Saying)", I flagged the second consecutive week of outflows from junk funds which, on Lipper's data, bled $5.5 billion during the week ended July 1, the fourth-largest weekly exod

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3 thoughts on “There’s A Risk-Off Trade Afoot, You Just Didn’t Notice…

  1. I’m under the impression that the Russian and Chinese governments are buying all the gold mined in their countries and have been for a while and buying gold on the world markets. The Russians need it to prop up the ruble. The Chinese to be able to say the Yuan is backed by something of value?? Anyone know how much gold the US government has?? I haven’t seen a figure on this for some time now.

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