A Cliche, I Know.

As the curtain closed on the second quarter, market participants were regaled by Jerome Powell, Steve Mnuchin, and Anthony Fauci, all of whom spoke to lawmakers on the last day of a truly historic first half. All three men generally stuck to their respective scripts. For Fauci, the nation's top infectious-disease expert, that meant warning a Senate panel that the rate of new coronavirus cases in the US could exceed 100,000 per day if the public doesn't start taking things more seriously. "The

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One thought on “A Cliche, I Know.

  1. Gosh, at 100,000 new cases a day that would mean we might need up to $9,600,000,000 worth of Remdesivir a month. And that assumes it doesn’t get worse. Good thing Gilead is sacrificing like they are. We are at war.

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