Facing Bankruptcy During The Best Quarter For Stocks Since 1998

If you could transport yourself back to late March, you'd be buying stocks hand over fist. Or at least if you were allowed to retain your knowledge of the future. And if we also assume your actions, guided by foresight no one else possesses, wouldn't alter the course of a history you've already lived once. Before we get too far down the wormhole, the point is simply to say that US equities had their best quarter since 1998 in Q2. It's one of the more astounding reversals in market history when

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5 thoughts on “Facing Bankruptcy During The Best Quarter For Stocks Since 1998

  1. It would be foolish to underestimate the power of the printing press or the resolve to utilize that power (by any operator)… especially after the live Demo of the last three months. (wow) What History implies ,however is we should not underestimate the consequences of said usage…

      1. That is the scary part in fact….Logically one would expect a bout of deflation followed in a couple of years by heavy duty inflation but correct logic it appears did not play a part in much of anything I have postulated in a few years,…So !!??

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