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The Moon Shot.


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4 comments on “The Moon Shot.

  1. You’vs been writing about it for months and so many people dismissed everything you had to say about the short vol bubble. As a retail investor I’ll never know as much as many professionals but from reading your website I was able to not only dodge the short-vol bullet, but also to profit on the subsequent panic as the shock rolled through markets.

    Thank you for all that you do.

    • Well said. I agree. Thanks.

    • I mean the thing I think it’s important for people to understand is that while i’m sarcastic and hyperbolic at times, i don’t just say shit to say it or for clicks like some of the other doom-and-gloom websites.

      I mean sure, I might write a post or two on something far-fetched, but I’m not just going to keep saying something over and over again (like I did with the VIX ETPs) unless I think there’s actually a chance it could happen.

      that said, I really wish this hadn’t happened to people, because obviously, it’s never great when people get wiped out even though the Target manager thing is going to be funny forever.

  2. Yep, H very funny and great job for people who want more knowledge, THANKS.

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