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Behold: An ‘Incubator For Vicious Steepeners’

Something tells us this is an underappreciated tail risk, indeed.

Something tells us this is an underappreciated tail risk, indeed.
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7 comments on “Behold: An ‘Incubator For Vicious Steepeners’

  1. Anonymous

    I didn’t join this blog for all this financial stuff. I’ll read Bloomberg if I want that. More, Trump, Cohen, North Korea, and the Middle East. That’s what your readers really want.

    • Anonymous

      Well, speak for yourself. If I needed novels I’d buy a book.

      • I wish H would remove the Anonymous option — why can’t you just come up with a name of some sort so we readers won’t get the few of you calling yourselves Anonymous confused, which sometimes making sense of your posted comments is almost impossible. I personally think your new name should be Deplorable formerly known as Anonymous.

    • The fact that you’re anonymous suggests that you quite possibly “didn’t join” at all.

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t join. I’m so ashamed.
        Actually I did join but my protonmail account expired or something.

    • well, the financial parts may not be my main focus but I cannot even explain all the stuff I actually have learned by reading the financials and charts and worldwide effects on financial markets!

  2. I think forecasting in this environment is even more difficult than it usually would be. But given levels of debt I do believe the result could be negative rates in the US for the next cycle, and a more Japan like scenario over the next few years. While “yield shock” may occur, it will be short-lived if it does. Because there are simply too many dollars that need low rates.

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