Trader: Is Yellen Trying To Drive Up Ticket Prices For Jackson Hole?!

“It’s almost as if we are stuck in neutral because they don’t want to harm the excitement of Jackson Hole. Will ticket prices decline if they don’t get to premier the hottest release?”


Stocks Fly To Records, Global Risk Rally Continues As Bad Data, ‘Good’ Yellen Keep Hope Alive

The message is loud and fucking clear: the vol. seller’s/ carry trader’s paradise and the risk party that’s made every homegamer with some SPY and QQQ look like a guru for the past eight years depends on DM central bankers staying some modicum of dovish. And on that score, bad data helps.

Stocks Fall Across The Globe As Hawkish Central Banks, Washington Jitters Roil Risk

Well, the overnight action was predictable under the circumstances, but it’s nevertheless unnerving for anyone long risk at these levels. A day after Mario Draghi took what certainly seems to have been a hawkish turn by saying the ECB would “look through” lackluster inflation data, the euro hit a 1-year high: “Macro accounts jumped on…

Euro Surges On Draghi’s “Three Messages,” Dollar Eyes Janet, Yuan “Suddenly” Jumps

Boy, I’ll tell you what, if you’re a central banker and you’re going to say something in public about monetary policy, you better make sure you choose your words really fucking carefully, because this market is hyper-sensitive. Here’s what we got from Draghi who, speaking at the ECB Forum on Central Banking in Sintra, Portugal, said he…