The Demons Were Real: Monday’s VIX Carnage And The 13-Sigma Event

And so, legions of retail investors, hordes of previously cock-sure newly-minted “money managers”, and scores of popular pundits who swore to you they knew what they were talking about, are left to ponder the stark reality of a market structure-driven nightmare scenario.


VIX Explodes To 50. That’s ‘5’ With A ‘0’ After It.

Good luck, we’re all counting on you…

Nightmare: Goldman Explains How VIX ETPs Activated The Doom Loop On Monday

“Come play with us Danny”…

Hey Guys, It Looks Like XIV Is Done. The Short Vol. Products Are Toast.

Look out. The unthinkable just happened.

NEXT! Vicious Vol. Spike Claims First Official Victim As Nomura Redeems Short Vol. ETN

And for those who aren’t fluent, here’s how you say “you’re fucked” in Japanese:

Black Monday.

The bottom fell out.

Tail Risk And A Trip Back To The Shrinking Playground

Maneuvering space, a (still) shrunken sandbox, and a step closer to the tail risk strike.

The Most Volatile Month Since The Election And (Another) ‘Longest Ever’ Moment

More fun factoids.

Blood On Tha Streetz.

Dip buyers assemble… you are needed.

This Is The ‘Talk Of The Town’ In Markets – Can It Last?

But fair warning to anyone who might be inclined to extrapolate on the way to drawing spurious conclusions…

‘Smart’ Power: We Have ‘Never Been Further’ From Free Market Dynamics

“Smart” power, one that aspires to be effective, cannot be restrictive; it must be permissive in order to eliminate a possibility of resistance. It should operate seductively and not repressively – it has to say “yes” more often than “no”.

Barclays CEO: If Something ‘Snaps’, The Return Of Vol. Is Going To Be ‘Quite Something To Behold’

It’s almost – almost – like this fucker gets it.

Bitcoin And VIX Correlation Has Increased ‘Dramatically’: The ‘New Frontier Of Risk-Taking’

And there you go. Another way for cryptocurrencies to morph into a systemic risk…

‘Vol Up, Spot Up’: This Hasn’t Happened In 20 Years…

That, or you could just buy expensive calls and pile them atop your existing longs because…

Reinforcing The ‘Noisy Status Quo’

To the extent the most recent drama is just the latest in a series of “predictable” political shocks, it reinforces what one might call the “noisy status quo” which is part and parcel of the market’s inability to form a consensus.