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No Church In The Wild

Journalists long ago ran out of euphemisms when it comes to describing Donald Trump's singular talent for creating chaos. Satire is dead (and buried) in the Trump era and belabored efforts to show the appropriate deference to the office routinely fail in the face of the objective reality that is the carnival at 1600 Penn. Financial journalists are no exception. Sometimes, there's just no nice way to say it. "There are good reasons why volatility markets are pricing in political fireworks well beyond November", Bloomberg's Yakob Peterseil wrote, innocently enough, in a piece out Tuesday. Peterseil then listed two of those reasons, citing "Trump issuing an extraordinary refusal to say whether he’d accept the election result if he loses [and] his wild campaign more generally". "Wild campaign more generally" is one of the more amusing throw-in-towel moments I've seen from the media. Past a certain point -- after several trips through the thesaurus looking for more sophisticated versions of words like "wild" -- folks facing deadlines just throw up their hands. It is what it is, as Trump himself would say. In any event, the linked article above speaks to something Nomura's Charl
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8 comments on “No Church In The Wild

  1. uptownguy says:

    trump pushing off stimulus negotiations … opting for the illusion of initiative rather than the reality of progress, as usual. Brave words in his tweet, but honestly, 150+M registered voters are now pondering “hmm, who would I rather have in charge of stimulus? Biden and Pelosi? Or trump and a herd of skinflint cats?

    If anyone was actually still undecided, trump has now dumped himself on the wrong of the vital issue: “it’s the stimulus, stupid”.

  2. dayjob says:

    The biggest mystery of this administration to me is the degree to which Trump understands he’s conning people vs. how much he actually believes what he is saying. I still think the likelihood of him actually pushing us to the point of constitutional crisis is small. I’d be willing to bet that he is just setting up that narrative so he can maintain the veneer of a winner among his cult and milk them for all the dollars they are worth. After all, he really couldn’t be doing a worse job lately of trying to get himself reelected, so in some sense, it almost seems intentional which goes back to the original question: is he extricating himself from the presidency to cash in on the con or is this all part of his hubris and lack of capacity for self-reflection?

  3. runamok says:

    Yeah, couldn’t believe my eyes. He must be high or suffering the effects of all the medications he is on.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If he loses, or steps down because of ill health to avoid defeat, I can see him immediately going into campaign and fund raising mode, for 2024. He’s become the political equivalent of a TV evangelist basking in the adulation and the money it brings in.

  5. Mark Brown says:

    I wonder if a bargain can be struck where Trump graciously accepts defeat in return for a tacit promise
    not to pursue his, and his children’s financial and criminal transgressions. That would be distasteful but
    better than an all out legal fight over the ballots with Barr and the 6-3 Supreme Court on his side.

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