Risks Aplenty.

Risks Aplenty.

Monday was largely the same old story for markets. There are signs of policy uncertainty everywhere you look with the most obvious example stateside being Trump's ill-advised decision to jeopardize tax reform for the sake of defending his honor. Geopolitical risk came calling on Sunday as a simmering feud between Washington and Ankara finally came to a head with predictably bad consequences for Turkish assets. But generally speaking, markets weren't fazed. U.S. stocks were marginally lower in
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3 thoughts on “Risks Aplenty.

  1. We can only hope that photo of him will be the primary photo when eventually we will see some special
    In Memoriam slideshow of his life. The true Donald.

    The way he mocked that handicapped gentlemen at one of his rallies was disgusting and then he was such a coward and completely denied that’s what he was doing! Like WE are the morons…. hahaha!

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