‘Things Could Look Like 2015 Again’: China Said To ‘Study’ Yuan Devaluation To Counter Trump

“There are no good options”.


Yeah, So China’s Yuan Just Plunged The Most Since The Devaluation

Ok, well the yuan plunged overnight.

‘The Prospects Are Rosy’: Chinese Stocks Surge

“Restocking.” Figuratively and literally.

Here Are The 2 Most Important Variables For Forecasting The Global Economy

“Felix, you had me at hello”…

El-Erian: China’s ‘Minsky Moment’ Will Be Different

“…the Minsky threat of a financial crisis per se is lower than the risk of generalized downward pressures on economic growth should the policy effort falter.”

Stark Raving Mad.

“Let me in.”


Come one, come all.

Bears Crying Wolf And China As Machiavelli (Revisited)

“When asked their worst trades this year, they mostly cited buying volatility, credit protection, or equity puts.”

Risks Aplenty.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming…

False Start.

15 yards…

Here’s What’s Really Going On: ‘A Machiavellian Read’

“One school of thought is that they have played their cards exceptionally well this year in the FX market.”

What, No Nukes?

There’s always tomorrow.

One Chart Suggests S&P Just Did China Bulls A ‘Bigly’ Favor

The point: Beijing is already predisposed to intervening in markets to offset any turmoil a sovereign downgrade might catalyze and you can bet that predisposition is stronger than ever ahead of the Party Congress.


This time last week, everyone thought we’d all seen our last Friday.

Let’s Not All Panic About The Slowest Pace Of FAI This Century In China, Ok?

That’s cause for concern. Given that the country is the engine of global growth and trade, you don’t want to see the brakes slammed on. That said…