"Let me in."
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4 comments on “Stark Raving Mad.

  1. it’s his revenge nature….pissssssed off because everyone is saying bad shit about him (his horrible comment about the soldier’s wife) so he will just show all of us that he is the Big Boss so shut up! Yes, he is Stark Raving Mad. Mad as defined angry and cray cray both.

  2. Curt A Tyner

    “Mr. President you did say……… (add anything),” “I did not.” Sir, all eight of us heard…….”shut-up or you are fired”. Crazy…ah …….yep….and getting worse, “Mr. President did you press that big red button,” no I didn’t Steve did,” “sir Steve is gone.” “Well he would have if he was here,” (White light) fade to black.

  3. Even you Trump deniers have Trump euphoria.

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