Xi Jinping Is Going To Run China Forever, So Get Onboard Or Get Run The Hell Over, And He Doesn’t Care Which

One man to rule them all.


Stark Raving Mad.

“Let me in.”

‘It’s Too Quiet’: Markets Calm After Xi Lays Out China’s Friendly World Domination Plans

“…as for this morning’ ‘it’s quiet, too quiet’ is the only quote that comes to mind.”

4 Black Swans And Why “Trumpflation” Is No Match For The End Of “Xiflation”

Well, SocGen is out with their Global Economic Outlook which, as you may or may not be aware, usually includes a picture of a bell curve with some swans on it. I’m skeptical that anyone actually reads these things. As Reuters wrote earlier this year, “about 40,000 research reports are produced every week by the world’s…

28 Words Vs. 420 Words: “Reading Out” Last Night’s Trump/ Xi Phone Call


“All’s Well That Doesn’t End In A Giant Mushroom Cloud”

Well, you know what they say, “all’s well that doesn’t end in a giant mushroom cloud.” That’s how it feels on Wednesday morning after Chinese TV reported that President Xi Jinping had a phone call with Donald Trump during which the two discussed North Korea and Syria. On Syria, Xi said using chemical weapon is unacceptable and as…

“Hold My Beer While I Meet Xi.” And Everything Else You Need To Know On Thursday

It’s Thursday, which means today’s Donald Trump gets to look the Donald Trump who refused to shake Angela Merkel’s hand square in the eyes and say “hold my beer.” Chinese President Xi Jinping (also known as the most important person on the planet) will visit Trump at the President’s Mar-a-Lago club in Florida (where else, right?)…

Trader: “You Always Want To Hit A Home Run – But You Strike Out A Lot.”

“The question you need to be constantly asking yourself is whether any given move or news is fundamentally important or at the margin? Does it break new ground or is just a data point? Will there be some policy response or not?”

Trader: Trump And Xi Are All That Matter Now

“That environment leads to an adamantly divided market. On one side are those who cite growth and liquidity as a reason to always buy the dip. On the other, those who fear calamity, citing the idea that low volatility has induced excess leverage to chase returns and a misallocation of capital.”

Your Complete Visual Guide To A (Sort Of) Busy Week

For those who prefer a visual guide devoid of our editorializing.

Jobs, Minutes, Xi & The Juiceman: Your Full Week Ahead Preview

Welcome to the first quarter of the rest of your life. Q2 marks markets’ first full quarter under President Crazy Orange Juiceman, and there’s a lot to be excited about. Equities are still trading at absurd multiples on hopes that somehow the administration will be able to sneak its agenda by a Congress that’s ready to storm the…


Well I think it’s safe to say that geopolitical risk – which the naive among you thought had dissipated materially last Tuesday evening when the nice orange man in the blond wig successfully read a teleprompter – has firmly reestablished itself as the market boogeyman. On Monday morning, Americans (including Trump’s own staffers) are still trying…

Here’s Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Message To The World

“There is no point in blaming economic globalization for the world’s problems because that is simply not the case.”