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Trump Enters Phone Booth, Opens Twitter, Emerges As ‘Tariff Man’


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6 comments on “Trump Enters Phone Booth, Opens Twitter, Emerges As ‘Tariff Man’

  1. This is how “a very stable genius” negotiates????? Seriously how is this guy president?

  2. And he is slapping Putin’s wrist by refusing to confront him in Rio? Or is he ducking a confrontation with the master? Have they got something on him?

  3. Why doesn’t any MSM journalist ask any of the admins Pressie spokespeople to explain how a tariff paid by US companies is actually bringing billions into the country?

  4. Make Америка Great Again

  5. Have you ever noticed when they shoot at Tariffman, bullets bounce off of his chest; but when they throw their guns at him Tariffman ducks?

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