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Trump, Xi Agree To No Additional Tariffs After January 1, China To Purchase ‘Very Substantial’ Amount Of Products From U.S.

It went "very well".

It went "very well".
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5 comments on “Trump, Xi Agree To No Additional Tariffs After January 1, China To Purchase ‘Very Substantial’ Amount Of Products From U.S.

  1. ianphonehome

    I count on H (and subscribe) for insightful and timely commentary on institutional and other credible insider sources which I lack access to. I also appreciate that i lack the wisdom to separate the wheat from the random gibberish on the internet and hence also appreciate commentary on any market moving mass market talking heads (regardless of their economic savvy).

    H, can you please elaborate on what value this source really offers? It smells like propaganda of little more actionable value than say a fox news byline indicating the opposite generic take such as “trump stands strong at G20”. I know you mention phrases such as “early indications” regarding this source. But, i hope you understand your target audience doesn’t need rapid headlines from you… we pay for your experience filtering out and interpretting the gibberish.

    • Note the sentence ” If the early reports from CGTN are accurate, you can expect a relief rally in risk assets. According to the same early reporting, negotiations between Washington and Beijing will be” CGTN… Put it in your search engine to access the report for yourself.

  2. The outcome is exactly what most people expected. No big surprises at this point, Neither one of them can afford for them to have their economy’s tank any further right now. Now we just wait and see what happens from here…….. I don’t have high expectations for smooth sailing from here.

  3. Lol. how you feeling about that initial comment now that literally all of this has been confirmed? I report what’s important and I report it when you need to know it. In this case, the “when” was “as soon as it crossed any wire anywhere”. And that’s when you got it. You’re welcome.

  4. ianphonehome

    Fair enough and thank you. When i did a search on CGTN, i just found a description of what sounded like a less than reliable source. Nice of you to append the WH statement to the original article… but it might be more in the spirit of journalistic integrity to add the fact that this came after the initial report i commented on.

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