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On Wall Street: Midday Massacre

So much for the G20 bounce.

So much for the G20 bounce.
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6 comments on “On Wall Street: Midday Massacre

  1. brian oshea

    Speak for yourself, I am having a great day! Didn’t think the bear market bounce would last. Thank goodness. I bought the SQQQ’s on Friday and Thursday and just now am getting back to even. Sell the QQQ’s The most crowded trade in the World is not the place to buy the dips. Thank goodness Sell sell sell

  2. Funny. I bought another tranche of XLU while pondering some Puts for fun… would’ve been a lot of fun… Thanks, as always for your skeptical voice in a world of Racoons.

  3. Didn’t you write yesterday that markets love to make a fool of ourselves? Now everybody screams sell and it will go up again. Apparently it’s a market for playing tennis table, buy / sell counter trend

    • Lol. I did indeed write that. that’s how this works. and that’s the thing about me — unlike some of the people I’m often compared to, I’m never going to tell you I have the answers. I just know what everyone is saying, I also know how to present all the competing narratives, and I know what I think. beyond that, it’s always, always a crapshoot. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hi H, Keep your informed post coming..As I have said in the past โ€œI appreciate your hard workโ€. I am a more informed investor I because it..

  4. Harvey Darrow Cotton

    I, too, have a proprietary indicator that is bullish when stocks go up and bearish when stocks go down.

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