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APEC Summit Crashes And Burns As Mike Pence Stokes Fears Of Economic Cold War

"The entire world is worried."

"The entire world is worried."
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4 comments on “APEC Summit Crashes And Burns As Mike Pence Stokes Fears Of Economic Cold War

  1. It’ll take years to undo the damage this administration is doing to rebuild trust and relationships with literally every other nation in the world except Russia???

  2. “The assistance provided by China has been warmly welcomed by our partners in this region and beyond. No country either in this region or in other regions has fallen into a so called debt trap because of its cooperation with China. Give me one example.”

    Pakistan is one country that was actually caught in China’s “debt trap” earlier this year, prompting Imran Khan to seek IMF bailouts. Not to mention Tajikistan, Kyrgizstan and Montenegro, whose debt load has shot up due to Belt and Road Debt. Not to mention the large-scale occupation of parts of the African continent (including through debt).

    I don’t agree with the policy of the current administration, but to say that China’s overseas policy is not predatory is a stretch.

    • Adding to b.zaimov16’s comment, VP Pence might have also been referring to China’s arrangements with various governments for the use of ports, e.g., Sri Lanka (Hambantota), Pakistan (Gwadar), and Australia (Darwin).

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