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What, No Nukes?

There's always tomorrow.

There's always tomorrow.
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3 comments on “What, No Nukes?

  1. Wow! I saw “unhinged geriatric with the launch codes” at the top of the story and thought I’d missed the election and Hillary had been elected. Being an idiot about most things doesn’t make one an idiot about all things…get used to the idea that Trump’s approach to Kimbo may offend our sensibilities of how a President should act but it is WORKING. Working in a way that phony diplomacy for 3 decades never did.

    Jong Un simply doesn’t know what to make of Trump…and that uncertainty has No. Korea thrashing around and has the illustrious leader most flustered.. Kimbo will NOT NOW or EVER attack the US…Why do that when he has full regime control and a very available target at the ready in a nearby subservient nation?? The next Diplomatic step with China is to sow some subtle seeds in Pyonyang..Maybe it’s China who would really like regime change in No. Korea..and just maybe the US and China are working out the details hush hush.

    The real problem for people who reflexively hate (it definitely is HATE..not DISLIKE) Trump is that they have become addicted to the buzz and the juice. How many of them wake up in the middle of the night and rush to their computers/twitter accounts to see what Trump (or Kimbo) has said? Lots!

    • Can you explain to me your assertion that this unorthodox approach is “working,” why 3 decades of diplomacy wasn’t working (that involved someone else, of course, that would be Kim Jong Il), and maybe something about your experience or education in international politics or diplomacy to have made such declarations?

    • has it not occurred to you that the reason people have to do that is because the President of the United States is up in the middle of the night wandering around the White House tweeting about nuclear war?

      he has no “plan”. he’s just an idiot. Occam’s Razor my friend.

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