Janet. Full Week Ahead Preview

Good luck out there – your fate rests on the shoulders of a diminutive economist with a pixie cut…


Irma, Harvey, And Janet: Define ‘Bad’

Now define “bad.”

Because we can’t do it anymore.

Nikkei Snaps Win Streak As North Korea Threatens To ‘Sink’ Japan With ‘The Nuclear Bomb Of Juche’

 “A telling blow should be dealt to them who have not yet come to senses after the launch of our ICBM over the Japanese archipelago.”

Have You Heard The One About Janet Yellen And The Hurricanes?

So when it looked like the last, lonely U.S. reflationist was about to throw in the towel, it felt like everyone was suddenly scrambling around to explain why yields were too low – maybe in an attempt to appease the market Gods who are thought to dislike crowded trades.

History Will Judge ‘Donald Trump’s Fed’

“History’s verdict on presidents rests more than they might wish on the competence of the Fed during their time in the White House. When it comes to those other Fed appointments, the president would be smart to reflect on what made Fischer such a good choice and strive, for his own sake as well as everybody else’s, to choose as wisely.” 

Demons In The Hills

“There may be all sorts of dragons and monsters up in those hills.”

Bloomberg: Yellen Sent Trump A Message – And It Was The Right One

“Nostalgia for the regulatory neglect that prevailed before the crash is wholly misplaced.”

Larry Summers Isn’t Losing Sleep Over Bubbles But Yellen Leaving Would Keep Him Up At Night

“…if the ninth year of expansion with unemployment approaching 4 percent is not the time for above-target inflation, when will that moment ever come?”

Dollar Drops On Yellen’s Jackson Hole Remarks: Highlights

And here are the highlights from Yellen’s speech in Jackson Hole via Bloomberg..

Thumper Does Jackson Hole

“Frankly, if they won’t or, more likely, can’t tell us what they are planning to do, they should take a pass and stick to their economics and orthodoxies.”

One Trader Takes A ‘Dark Side Stab’ At Jackson Hole

“No, a surprise will most likely look like a Central Bank chief that attempts to put policy back on the previous tighter path.”

Waiting Game.

Just biding time…

Will Friday Be Yellen’s ‘Irrational Exuberance’ Moment?

Therein lies the irony…

4th Grade Press

And just like that, all of the good news trial balloons we got from McConnell on Monday (debt ceiling guarantee) and from Politico on Tuesday (tax reform moving ahead) were rendered null and void…

They Love To Talk, But Hate To Communicate

“Confidently dismissing the process as harmless for markets is a luxury they can’t indulge in.”