Why Would You Try To Trade This? Fed Preview

If you really wanted to, you could read something into today’s statement that really isn’t there, but I don’t know why you would try…


Everything But The Kitchen Sink: Full Week Ahead Preview

Well, there’s not a lot going on in the week ahead and by that I mean there’s so much going on that you couldn’t plan for it even if you wanted to.

Yellen, Warsh Out Of The Running For Fed: Politico

“President Trump changes his opinion on the issue every day, so it can’t be assumed Powell and Taylor are the only possible choices.”


“…or what counts as ‘fireworks.'”

Did Fox News Just Officially Rule Out Janet Yellen?


Powell, Taylor, Krusty And Why Trump Should Just Name Trump Fed Chair

“Eliminate the middle man.”

Super Mario: Full Week Ahead Preview

As usual, the docket is full and the risks are multiplying.

Bloomberg Pleads With Trump: ‘Give Yellen Another Term’

“Investors will ask how this disagreement will be resolved — and how abruptly, if at all, might policy change as a result.”

Trump Leaning Towards Powell For Fed Chair: Politico

Just hours after Janet Yellen left the White House, Politico reported that Powell is the leading candidate.

The Situation Remains Fluid.

If you were looking for clarity on anything, today was most assuredly not your day.

Trump Set To Interview Yellen For Reappointment: Politico

“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!” 

Yellen Says Asset Prices Are ‘High’, Draghi Says ‘People’ Still Aware That Stocks Sometimes Fall

Let Mario Draghi just be “clear”: he is not convinced that you are convinced that asset prices only go up, ok? Responding to a question from CNBC at a press conference at the IMF Annual Meetings in Washington on Saturday, the ECB chief said something to that effect. Specifically, this is the quote: Let me…

Race For Fed Chair Takes New Turn As Mnuchin Said To Push ‘Strongly’ For Powell

Stay tuned. The ratings will be “tremendous.”

‘Volatility Would Return With A Vengeance’: Kocic Warns On Warsh And The Rebuilding Of The Fourth Wall

“However, giving up transparency and sticking unconditionally to policy rules, i.e. rebuilding the fourth wall, carries with it enormous risks.”

Trump Has Shortlist For Fed, Yellen Not Expected To Get The Nod

“Now what do you got? Anarchy. You got anarchy.”