In Despicable Move, Trump Campaign Asks For $5 Donations To Support Mike Pence After NFL Stunt

In Despicable Move, Trump Campaign Asks For $5 Donations To Support Mike Pence After NFL Stunt

If there was any doubt in your mind that Donald Trump engineered Mike Pence's publicity stunt on Sunday when the Vice President walked out of a Colts-49ers game after players knelt in protest during the national anthem, you can put those doubts to rest. Have a look at this: To be clear, this is the worst kind of despicable.    This is the President of the United States, using taxpayer dollars to send the Vice President to an NFL football game knowing full well that there was a good c
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12 thoughts on “In Despicable Move, Trump Campaign Asks For $5 Donations To Support Mike Pence After NFL Stunt

    1. For what? Offending you?? I suggest instead of prison we all send Mike his $5..he can then hire a couple of people to help with pulling his head out of his ass….

    1. Misappropriation of funds? Squandering taxpayer’s funds? How about just General Principle?

      $25% or $1.75 will go to RNC, remainder $3.75 to “support Pence” is not clearly defined. Since it was made public not long ago he does not have deep pockets to pay expensive lawyers so most likely that is why he needs the money. However, it is also mentioned that some of this money is being diverted to pay Trump’s lawyer fees, who certainly has all he needs for legal fees. I have no doubts before all this crap is over there will pages of crimes to send his holy ass to jail – with luck these two can be cellmates. btw, offending me has a higher price to pay!

      Do we still get a bumper sticker?

  1. Yep, another made up distraction plus it cost you 5 bucks if you are stupid enough to send it into these shysters. The shinny object in my left hand keeps the dimwits from seeing what the right hand is doing. The health of literally the whole planet is being ruined by these people and they are not going to stop until we stop them. People I don’t care what party or group you support conservative, liberal, progressive, fu*king dogcatcher it doesn’t matter help us rid the world of this sh*thole president and his billionaire assh*le cabinet and administration. Support ANYBODY that is against this blight on our country. They all should be in jail.

  2. Interesting stuff, but is it fundamentally different than DNC fundraising? I doubt the sponsors of this effort really count on raising significant net $$’s. The objective is more than likely to point to widespread support to boost political/popularity optics. it will be interesting to see how much they do raise from this if the numbers ever do become available.

    1. The difference is that this fundraising targets real ordinary folks whereas the opponent fundraising targeted (successfully) top Wall Street banksters, big unions, the global elite and hostile foreign royalty like Saudi. Reference the Clinton Foundation which was the biggest, filthiest money laundering operation ever. Why isn’t that corrupt old bitch and her rapist husband in prison for life?

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