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Back To The Future.

It was a good day for the "future."

It was a good day for the "future."
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3 comments on “Back To The Future.

  1. For learning purposes I’m trying to recreate your “end-of-action”report charts. Mine blow haaard in relative comparison.

  2. Let’s invert the curve and end this fantasy before it is too late. And the Prime sign ups have an element of shenanigans attached if you think about it.

  3. One last thing. That “last thing” is deceiving because the chart’s top spike (the so-called trump bump) was during the period AFTER trump’s election and before his inauguration. Although neither obama nor trump really caused this spike, other than the “hope” that Trump would be pro-business and pro-growth.

    Further, the chart is misleading in that it could be (mis)interpreted as the US falling off the cliff, and while the dollar surely fell (thus collapsing the curve), it’s really more of a reflection of strength elsewhere, particularly EM. Which is why I pounded the table since my first day here earlier this year to sell US and buy abroad.

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